Spring in the Day

It’s Autumn but …
Was it a Spring day?
There was such singing
And much dancing,
With lambs aleaping
And the dawn chorus
Extending …
Into a sparkling day.

As Grandfather Sun rose to greet us,
In the fresh morning, with the salmon
Making a splash.
His light sparkled in the spray
Shooting rainbows over the water,
Casting shadows in the shallows
As the weary willow swayed.

Swayed to the music of the wind
As it played a solo in the wands.
Wands for winding and twining,
Basket weaving and hurdle making.
The Old Man by the river had seen it all
Responding to Mother nature’s call.
Cousin Oak can break in a storm,
Willow bends and gives for ever a morn.

Silently a solitary punt
Broke the surface anew,
Crossed our field of view
With only an occasional lap betimes
Giving a hint, through closed eyes,
Of its passage across the lazy lake.
Opening one eye to a wave!

Such colours warm the heart
Reflected in the water
Shimmering as the breeze blows
The peace of this place is intoxicating
Cares disappear into the stratosphere.
Let the world worry in its revolving
Why should it worry you in turn
Happiness is your one concern.

Such peace is hard to find
In this worried world of mine.
It’s time to take time to savour,
To taste the fresh flavour
Of all she has to offer,
Before we end up in a coffer.
Take time:
Let every day be Spring!
© David Tenneson –2017


About David

Devonian writer
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4 Responses to Spring in the Day

  1. This was such an uplifting poem David.. You did indeed uplift me to have a spring in my own step as I read through your lines.. Of colour and Joy.. Many thanks for this today.. I needed to Leap like a Lamb today. 🙂


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