We are all searching for something!
Peace of mind would be top of the listing,
Many do not admit to what they want most,
Afraid it will rise from the past like a ghost.

The past having dealt them a heavy hand
Like the screw on a tightening headband.
As Charity is supposed to begin at home
So love must begin with the self, alone!

How can you love another, not loving yourself?
You can’t give someone something you don’t have.
Your wish to give what you don’t have ain’t possible
Think about it … can’t you see? It just ain’t viable!

Your quest is to search for happiness for you alone,
Only when that’s achieved, you’ve reached the One,
The One level of consciousness, ascension reached,
Can you even contemplate that others can be loved.

It’s not your function to give others happiness
That is the choice of their own consciousness.
Help them in their ignorance, their blindness
Their inability to see in plain sight, the obvious!

Most will search for things outside to bring joy
While the mind yearns for a change to deploy,
Alternative ways of thinking and looking inside
Is the only way of searching to find what we need.

We tend to worry about what’s done or not done
As a race, we live in the past instead of being One
In the present moment, it’s the only place to be,
It’s only in the mind that we can truly be happy.

To win a race or reach a certain place is momentary,
The trophy in a cabinet, bronze, silver or gold in array.
Achievement does not last when time can make us unhappy.
When the level of consciousness is reached, it lasts eternally!

To begin: Attunement to all is a good place to start,
The gain is not material, it comes to and from the heart.
Having joy in the rest, through their joy of achievement
Is the right place to continue your search for amazement.

Searching for the perfect relationship is laudable
But whether good or bad, any relationship is eternal,
It lasts through the spheres of consciousness eternally
Memory spans the dimensions, mentally to spiritually.

A relationship is full of soul experience needed
It is the stuff of desire pleasured or thwarted
Through life after life we are the only vehicle
The eye of interchange, circles to piscis-vesica.

Searching for the right decision in any situation,
Whatever you decide will be the right decision.
Whether seen in retrospect as different to your passion,
It is changeable as desire is strengthened through session.

Session after session, time after time, life after life
Rest assured through good or bad, experience is rife
It can be painful at the time but the reward is for life
Looking back you will see that it was necessary to arrive.

Be not afraid of decision making or action taking
Nothing is ever finished, since all is in the making.
No decision is irreversible, each opens new options,
New desires and opportunities are there as volitions.

Each decision will open new vistas, maybe well hidden,
And proving the first aim was not in your best direction.
Giving you the signpost to your true goal for jubilation,
Yours? But best Searching for the joy in all of Creation.
Β© David Tenneson – August 2017


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to SEARCHING

  1. An Excellent poem David
    “Most will search for things outside to bring joy
    While the mind yearns for a change to deploy,
    Alternative ways of thinking and looking inside
    Is the only way of searching to find what we need.”

    Yes.. so many search outside of themselves to fill the void within.. Thinking that THINGS are the KEY to Happiness, RICHES Will bring Happiness..

    Yet it is far simpler than that.. Fabulously Penned David πŸ™‚


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