Where does your inspiration come from?
As one learned man proclaimed: Inspiration comes from everything!
Certainly my biggest inspiration comes from Nature and not from any other man or woman bar one. Having said that , music does inspire me as it did for this piece.

I was listening to ‘Classic fm’, as you do, over breakfast and one of my favourites came up during the cereal: The Planets by Gustav Holst and in particular his best in my opinion: ‘Jupiter the Planet of Jollity and Joy’ from which of course comes the music for the hymn, ‘I vow to thee my country’. Oh, makes me quite emotional! Not that I am a Nationalist being a Citizen of Earth and a Child of the Logos, you know the story …

But then, what’s new? Tears are never far from the surface, as I have to be careful what I watch on the dreaded box with the other box, the box of tissues near to hand. I sometimes wonder why I have such an affinity with the moon whose movement close to us affects the tides in our vast oceans and seems to affect me similarly, drawing the tides of emotion to the surface.

Moons were considered of not much consequence in the past, but their surprising antics, orbits and plumes of geysers produced by the movements of other heavenly bodies in their near or far vicinity have made us rethink their importance showing strange similarities with planets and indeed to ourselves here on Earth.

This kind of research will hopefully lead us to the next place in our planetary home hopping that we can call somewhere suitable, Planet Earth II.

Since earliest times we have placed aspects of personality onto the Planets, typically human, just as we do with the energy centres in the body such as Mars the Bringer of war, Venus the Bringer of Peace and Saturn the Bringer of Old Age and all that those titles imply. See GLOBES posted 10.05.2017.

There are 7 planets in the Suite by Holst and similarly 7 Major Centres of Energy in the Human Body, translated from the Sanskrit, we Humans love that number, Chakra meaning to us a Wheel spinning with energy from the lowest below the Base of the spine to the fastest in the Crown on top of the head.

Their associations span from the element of earth with the Base and the sense of smell, enhanced of course in the animal kingdom with just Instinct to rely on, through air, the sense of touch and connection at the Heart Centre to, unsurprisingly ether, at the Third Eye or Brow Centre of thought. ‘The Archetype of Thought’ was a part I played in the Mystery Play, ‘Path of the Searcher’ at Hourne Farm, Crowborough in 1997.

Contrary to current considerations of the Chakras, our connection with Source Energy is not solely through the Crown as this is achieved throughout the body, any where, any time and any place.

The most important thing to remember when considering energy just as we must when trying to find an alternative planet at the right distance from its star to support life as we know it, is that wherever we are in the universe the energy of Well-being which some call the Grace of God or the Blessing of the Logos is that it is with us 24/7.

With the gift of Free-will we can accept it or we can deny it. Our Choice!

The gift is there for us whoever and whatever we choose to be in our humanity. There is no judgement, no selection for race, colour or creed, in short we do not need to believe, but we do need to know the Divinity, called by any name we choose, and directly connected to each of us continuously.

It would not matter where we finally or perhaps in transit hovered, as others have done with this Earth, before reaching our final destination in Space, that connection remains intact with whatever we call it – Source Energy, God, our Father/ Mother, Allah, Great Spirit, or the Lord Logos.

Whichever Planet we finally choose I sincerely trust that we will give ourselves one last chance to make our present Home Planet Earth a place of Joy and Jollity bringing peace and happiness to us all before we have no other option than to leave.

Which according to our present prophet, Stephen Hawking, must be within the next one hundred years!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to PLANETS

  1. Agreed David, tears never far from the surface I agree.. Which in part is why I tune out and turn off for a time…
    You would think our concentration would be planet Earth first and foremost wouldn’t you David.. Instead we rape her and pillage, abuse and neglect.. While spending Billions in seeking new horizons to destroy..

    Wishing you well my friend.. Its been a while since I landed here


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