My idea of change is always for a specific reason, as I’m not one of those beings who indulge in change for the sake of change. As a creature of habit I like everything in its place until I am convinced of the good reason to change the status quo.

Having said that, there are very good reasons to change the layout in rooms according to the seasons and changes in temperature, or as we have done in our new environment to change the function of cupboards and drawers when usage demands as we become used to the changed layout in the reconfigured Kitchen of our new home. They say it takes a while to get things in the right place after moving home, but one such as ours over 1000 miles and to change countries, well, I guess it is to be expected!

We see changes in our local environment and the redistribution of funds and consequent emphasis on the amenities and services in our towns and villages, according to the changes in the political landscape, from both the local and national government. So, are we responsible for the way we voted or did it go the way of the majority and not the way we put the cross on the voting slip?

In our democratic society it is the majority that wins and so often we feel that the spin that turns the minds of the masses is so often to blame and not our right minded, so we think, view that wins in which case we cannot be blamed. It makes you wonder if those who feel that there is no point in voting, leaving that unnecessary encumbrance on their time, may be right and maybe the rest of us are pushing against an indomitable tide. Whether we vote or not we have to take responsibility!

Actually I do feel that a vote should not be wasted and that it is our duty as responsible citizens to use our democratic right since in the final result swings are unpredictable and in time we could be proved part of the party most likely to bring sanity and prosperity to our country, contrary to the goals of the many wanting to know what’s in it just for them!

Having said that there is a great need for the unsung volunteer workforce of all shades who help to maintain the net that so many in our society have a habit of slipping through. From the simple act of helping to keep our locality clean and litter free, tidy and free from vermin and disease.

I remember in the past there being outcry at those dropping litter, but an equal outcry that those volunteers picking up litter who it was said were taking the jobs away from paid Council street sweepers! Now of course we have the scourge of Fly Tippers polluting the countryside when for an equal journey to the Council Tip all could be dealt with in a safe and clean manner.

My constant cry: There is no respect! So, how do we change that mentality?

Surely this is yet another reason to change the curricula in schools at all levels of our education system to teach youngster on the need for respect and the right way to maintain a safe, clean and free society for us all in which to live and play and play our part? In short what can each of us do to help our country?

Whatever we do should bring us a measure of happiness, knowing that we have played our part in helping others to live in a clean and safe environment. There are programmes on the box lauding the efforts of the few to help others in their locality to the flying ambulances and the RNLI and other organisations that mainly live and exist on charity whose existence and raison d’etre is to save life and keep us all safe.

You know I am sure that we can all play our part to help others starting with our neighbours. Maybe there is someone you know who needs your help, if only helping with the shopping or the garden, putting out their bins on collection day. For sure we may all get to that stage in life when we will appreciate a little help. So how can you help others? It could make you happy too!

Happiness begins within! It is not what comes to us from outside that makes us happy, but how we see ourselves in the world and if necessary how we need to change our ways of thinking in order to facilitate the vibration of happiness within. The greatest power within us is the power to change and best of all to change the way we think!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to CHANGE

  1. Lots of thoughts here Dear David.. Change is inevitable One must be willing to change. I feel like you, lots of room for improvement.. Respect being a major key player.. Learning to adjust, as you have been adjusting your furniture to get the best from your dwelling. So too must we adjust and learn to see from different perspectives..

    I am fortunate I live upon a sharing street… Yet I do have a neighbour whom I have lived next to for over 35 yrs, whose stubbornness and bitterness has alienated her even from her own family who no longer visit.. I lost count of trying to reach out a helping hand.. Others too have tried, but got rebuked.. So one learns also that while we may try to reach out and help, there are also those who refuse help and will always stay in their shadows..
    I know I can not change her lonely heart.. All I can do is try to shine out my own.. and know in my own heart I have tried..

    Sending LOVE and LIGHT dear David.. Hugs to you .. Sue 🙂


    • David says:

      I guess we all have our similar neighbours who have problems of their own, like ours next door from his first lonely tirade about me playing the piano before 09.00, which I make sure I never do now, to offering to clean his gutters I now get a tadge more than the occasional grunt! We’ll get there in the end. Love, David 😀

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