Grandma’s treat:
A table covered in one thousand bits
The pieces of a jig-saw puzzle,
The more difficult to match the better.
While making homemade bread,
Hot wild mushroom and pepper pickle,
Fruit jams and the best roast beef
You ever tasted with the greatest gravy.
Mum’s gift:
Mother taught me all I know to cook
Grandma’s legacy was in the DNA.
I would call myself a main cook, but
When pressed I can perform
A more than presentable pudding.
The greatest joy is in making from nothing!
No recipe, no set ingredients to hand. No puzzle.
My joy:
Just, hungry souls urging a forage
In the store, the fridge or freezer.
Or, loving leftovers made into a feast,
To delight the eye, tantalise taste buds
And satisfy the needy pangs of hunger.
Hidden flavours to instigate
A guessing game. It’s a puzzle!
The Guests:
What herbs did you put in this,
There’s a hint of the East, but what?
Invitation to the herb garden …
Does anything ring a bell?
Don’t forget it is a subtle blend
Of more than one and others
Not represented here. A delightful puzzle!
The Standbys:
Tins of all the soups, pulses and tomatoes,
Eggs, brown bread, cheeky cheese and of course
Homemade curries, chillies and pizzas frozen.
The leftovers are endless and always used up!
Waste is un-liked and compost is a bonus,
Feeding the plants after ourselves is no puzzle
And the bounty and the blessing: is Well-being!
© David Tenneson – July 2017


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  1. Oh Loved this.. it brought back memories of my own Grandmas Home made bread.. That was a real treat.. 🙂


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