What a difference a degree makes, especially when job seeking. Seems strange to me that no account seems to be taken of the person and who they really are. That is discounted until the degree on paper is realised. When in business and employing others my first appraisal was in the personality followed by the essential A Level in Common Sense!

An attribute that seems to be lacking together with a general education preferring to specialise at an early stage in most these days, with more emphasis on a prehensile thumb and the ability to hold certain facts and figures for a limited period, rather than to embrace a full spectrum of education in order to get the best of living in the world!

I admit to not having an affinity to hold certain facts and figures in the realms of history and geography and was made to drop those subjects, much to my chagrin now, in the third form at Grammar School and that was in 1954 so things have not changed much, just taken a degree change in direction, not for the better I believe! I was considered a late learner!

With many teachers in the family the education system is constantly under fire and the tests and examinations at such early years seem to be causing untold psychiatric harm to the student population not to mention their distraught parents who are helpless to create a change or have the slightest say in curricula.

As usual the government will say they want the best educated youth, but they could do with opinion from the grass roots to guide them on more of a less degree oriented path. Of all of the student population, lets face the fact that it is only the top 5% that will benefit from University. This again appears to be expecting the young as early as 7 to be able to answer questions on English grammar at degree level. Why?

As usual there are degrees and degrees and so often when judgement is needed difference is all put down to a matter of degree. A bit like the arguments that ensue in families that cannot agree on the degree to be set on the home thermometer!

The young preferring to go virtually naked and hence requiring a higher degree than the adults who have to pay the bills and have learnt that a jumper is all it takes to create the necessary personal eco climate in a healthier lower ambient temperature.

Finding our way in this connected, or should that be dis-connected, world is made easier and easier so long as we have a Wi-Fi or Satellite connection. I admit to relying on Sat Nav in the car in this strange land, still not used to all of the routes having been here for just 18 months.

However, there comes a time when out of range especially in the wildness of the health-giving wilderness that a few lessons in orienteering, for the youth and adult amateurs, will not go amiss when a degree of direction out of line can be the difference between getting lost with possible harm and finding safety.

So, why don’t life jackets, ski kit and climbing helmets carry the facility for beacons making finding faster and certain by rescue teams in areas where signals are lost or non existent?

Surely it is not beyond the wit of emergency teams across the world to agree on the right degree of frequency recognisable by all?

This is the age of connection which necessarily implies a degree of awareness so often ignored or scoffed at by the elite in the establishments around the world, especially those steeped in the traditions of the various religions whose main push makes us believe that an intermediary is required between us and the Divine Logos.

This is not so. From Princes to Paupers we all have that connection to the Logos, so it is not a matter of degree, except the degree of difference imposed on us by ourselves. Whether we are connected to our manmade satellites or land line telephones or cut off in the wilderness, our connection to the Logos is always secure.

This connection was made at the moment when our ability to sustain life was reached in the womb, as the Soul entered the embryo the connection was made and consciousness was introduced into the body. To prove this: we are now able to see the reactions of a foetus to outside stimuli, at that stage of development, while still in the womb – a smile to Mozart and a grimace to Heavy Metal!

So, take care with the different degrees of vibrations given to babies yet unborn and remember that consciousness begins in the womb.

When in this world there seems to be a desire by the powers to create us all in the same image, which I have to say will not serve any of us at all. We know that putting children of different streams together encourages two things: Those struggling will try to emulate their peers and those on a higher level of achievement will be encouraged to help their comrades showing compassion, with other attributes beyond this page.

Not to say that we want them all eventually to come to the same level, but as usual, our strength is in our difference and we will all benefit from being different to anyone else. Stuff, tattoos and nose rings, after all they are just another uniform, difficult to change. So, lets go out into the world and be happily different!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to WHAT A DIFFERENCE

  1. Yes there are those who are within permanent education with degrees in this and that.. But then do those degrees give them experience.. I started school in ’59.. And no further education in those days for secondary school.. in the 60’s 🙂 But then we were able to go get a job and be set on straight away. I am pleased to see Apprenticeships coming back too..

    Loved this paragraph..
    “This is the age of connection which necessarily implies a degree of awareness so often ignored or scoffed at by the elite in the establishments around the world, especially those steeped in the traditions of the various religions whose main push makes us believe that an intermediary is required between us and the Divine Logos.”,,
    So true..
    Lots we could get on our soap boxes here David.. LOL..
    Sending my thoughts.
    Sue 🙂


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