I thought it appropriate to post this again with minor addenda.

The truth in any other blessed day would walk and weave and slip away,
Unless we are aware and quick to catch the thought that seems ethereal.
Begin by watching, waiting, wending the way through tortured brain
And slipping by the dross that binds, that fouls the passages of melting mind.
Be still in action, speech and thought, be still I say and think of nought
But that which comes of childlike things, that clears the ways of adulthood
And leaves the corridors of connection, the islands of introspection free.
Such clarity, such awesome change within the chambers of the chastened skull,
Needs must provide the avenue to purify and amplify inspection of the self.
When all clutter is cleared away and mind is able to inspect itself. Who am I?
Mirrors only let us feel ugly or unworthy, plain or ragged far too early.
True mirrors are our other selves, our brothers, sisters, friends and foes
Those, who like a true reflection, show us our own imperfection.
Who are you? Like the proverbial sage or oracle that answers in a riddle:
Be prepared to search those passages of perception, those mazes of the mind
To find in all truthfulness, in all honesty, in all sagacity who you really are.
And when you’ve found yourself what then?
O! you will want to know my sister, brother, you will need to know!

So you have found yourself. Do you think you know yourself?
It is time to think again to look and search for things within your self,
Beyond what you call reality, beyond that which will only prove to be illusory.
He who looks beyond himself is only dreaming, dreaming in this day of days
Dreaming in wakefulness, dreaming in full ignorance of truthfulness,
He who looks within awakes and he who looks without is in a dream.
If he who looks without is only dreaming then all he sees is an illusion.
All that is touched does not exist, not in this world or in the next.
The only touch that is real is the link we make with one another,
The link that serves to prove that we are one, that we exist as one mind,
One thought, one self, with each sister and with each brother.
Am I myself? Am I the one I call my name, the picture in the passport frame?
What other selves can I find when I inspect this methodical mind?
Method and reason are the blocks that serve to defend the ego’s locks.
What’er we see or hear or think we have to rationalise with logic,
We have to find the scientific formula the exact quadratic equation
To legitimise our every thought our every idea however bought.
Intuitive thought will provide the means by which we find the truth,
Truth about ourselves. The answer is to believe the first thought
The first idea that comes to mind with no qualification or logic applied.
And this, is only the beginning!

And when you look within what do you see?
Do you see dark or do you see light? And when you walk
Do you dance upon clouds or do your feet stick in the heavy mire?
Are you still convinced that this heaviness, this body, is you?
And when you look upon another being what do you see?
Is all that you can see bound up with the vagaries and vanities of personality,
The imperfection of earthly sight that only sees imperfections?
Then look again and this time not with physical eyes, but with vision
That looks beyond this dense and earth formed shape to what lies deep inside.
Such beauty, such light has never been imagined by a mortal mind,
Such lightness and such blinding thought that only can be holiness
That had its only cause in divinity and now through revelation
Is revealed in its own image. And what of your connection to First Cause?
It is here within and when you see the radiance of others you will witness,
As if looking out through your own eyes at a new world, you will see
And believe what you are. And in this way, believing must give way to Knowing!
Original – © David Tenneson – November 2005
Re-posted © David Tenneson – July 2017


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