The truth oft lies interred with their bones.
So much and so many of our secrets we keep to ourselves and take them with us to the grave, embarrassment reigns and suffering ensues not wishing our innermost qualms and dreadful dilemmas to be known.

On a human level, often those same secrets are left to following generations to fathom having neglected to put our affairs in order, believing that we will live for ever, as one obsequious courtier might have said, “Hail mighty king, live for ever!”. Do we imagine that we are that grand or of Royal Blood?

There is no doubt that the young are infamous for that eternal belief, where else do they get the urge to commit to those impossible feats of strength, bravery and indulgence and you could say stupidity, from an elder wisdom viewpoint?
Free-will rules, OK?

With a single parent and four powerful females to rule, being the eldest grandchild I was repeatedly told that I could not do what I saw as my future career, no matter what I chose, until from a secret store I gained enough courage to fly the coup and forge a life in industry two hundred miles away from the family influence.

I often wondered where that strength and courage came from to strike out on my own against all the misgivings of my own elders. Why did they try to prevent me from leaving? I had to prove them wrong and to do my own thing and as such became a Jack of all Trades and master of none! Nevertheless this experience became useful as a parent!

So where is that secret store? It is a conundrum that I have put my mind to over the years and only with high spiritual teaching 50 years after leaving the coup I finally found my answer. Desire found its way into my life which I have now been able to see from both sides of the conundrum, which some may see as one of the many challenges of life.

The desire of the family was surprisingly powered by love! In short they wanted me to stay with them and not to leave and find my own way in the world. Remembering that many of the men were lost or damaged in the War.

So what of my own desire? Well, my own desire was as a result of wanting something more than what they offered. You know, the Universe is powered by desire and when a desire is out there, propelled by the vibrations emitted from your own mind, the Universe responds and the more you want something and the stronger your vision to see what you want enhanced by a stronger and stronger desire the greater the energies that the Universe can send in your direction.

The strength of Free-will is phenomenal which no entity can deny and which the Universe can only respond to in kind, strength of will and desire. The only thing that can alter or oppose your desire is you and your own negative thought process, in the form of doubting that you will ever achieve what you want.

The problem for us all is that we may think we know what we want but 9 times out of 10 we try to fathom out how it will be achieved and that is where the doubt creeps in. So, never try to see how, that is not your function, concentrate on the final outcome and strengthen that image, that desire, every single day until it becomes a reality, however long it takes.

Conundrums are set to tantalise us and riddles and puzzles which make the mind work are the best treatment to overcome dementia, together with daily exercise for the body which also enhances the Well-being of the mind.

So, many conundrums beset us and for good reason: and the process of living life to the full, as much as we can, overcoming the many challenges which each life brings, is the means by which the desired experience of the Soul is made possible. That in itself is a conundrum for many, but for me it is natural.

The greatest conundrum must be the possibility for each of us to find answers to all of our conundrums. This is made possible by the daily ritual of connection with the store of high level consciousness which we call the Akashic Record that holds all of what has gone on before on this plane of existence, but also the answers to the many problems that concern mankind.

Flashes of inspiration which again by concentrating on a desired result to a problem with sufficient power of visualisation of the finished result can often, perhaps unwittingly provide the answer. Perhaps all research scientists could benefit from this simple process, starting with HPT Meditation!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel


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