I was born on the cusp
Between Aries and Taurus.
A pointed person, rounded
By the winds and tides of time.

More Earth than Fire,
Though easily turned to ire
When first faced with fools,
Not seen immediately as jewels.

Flames are often fanned,
Only quenched by compassion
As heart rules the head
And sees beyond face and fashion.

Searching for the gems, after
The sparkle through the shallows,
Lighting my life with laughter
As only the young at heart allows.

Currently coursing through
My sign, touching the earth …
For heaven, reaching.
Looking forward to summer’s mirth
The blessed time of blossoming.

Finding the Well-spring
Crystal clear water of life,
Surging from the earth. We sing,
Blessing of Well-being from above.

This, the tried and tested formula
The way for all seekers to follow.
A knowing of the Source of All,
Awareness of life in all forms, must know …

We are the life blood of the Universe,
We are on the cusp of creation
Bringing unity, as above – so below.
Uniting in the moment, we must know!
© David Tenneson – 2017


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Devonian writer
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