HPT Revisited

We begin at the end.
The end of absorbing concerns, traumas and crises of the day leading to that all important appointment with your inner self, letting your current challenges remain in a state of rest while attention is turned to however long you care to take, which we call your Highly Precious Time or HPT.

The time may vary from a first uncertain foray to a more prolonged connection as your meditation becomes more like breathing, which is of course the return point when thoughts become too invasive and do not immediately float away as the wind of time would take them.

This is not meant to be an A to Z in meditation, but more of a reminder of the importance of that Precious Time.

Having made that important appointment with your self to spend in HPT, which to begin with I found better to be at the same time every day, but now in retirement happens as the mood takes me, time being my own to spend in peaceful contemplation whenever and wherever I am at the time.

I hear a voice saying, how can that be when there is so much noise in the outer world? So, HPT can be anywhere and at any time, on a crowded bus, train or plane as we slip below the threshold of noise.

Sathya Sai Baba said:
Some people contemplate on God for a limited period in the morning and evening. This cannot be called meditation. Contemplate on God at all times, at all places and under all circumstances. Perform all tasks with your mind fixed on God. That is true meditation.
If this suits you then by all means let it become your HPT at all times throughout your day.

Remembering that the benefits of HPT occur not necessarily in those moments, but later when you venture into the world and in this respect Baba could be on to something depending on your own take on divinity.

Whether we like it or not, we are all connected to the Divine in a way that cannot be broken, unlike any earthly relationship as many of our faithful readers will understand from previous posts, so Baba’s view is not so out of the ordinary.

However, with an ability to focus intently on the job in hand I have found it difficult to bring the Divine into my thoughts throughout the process, apart from at the beginning and with thanks at the end, maybe that will change in time!

Having said that, in the beginning of HPT I used to concentrate on something like my favourite rose, bringing all the aspects of colour, form and scent into my consciousness, but in recent meditation I found a simple symbol that leads me immediately into HPT. So enough of that, I will leave you to your own HPT suffice to give a heads up to newcomers of the benefits that it brings:

1st, Focus. To enjoy the same gift of the ability to focus bringing greater efficiency into all the aspects of your life, including relationship, work and community.
2nd, Visualisation. Despite the trials of work and long hours of drudgery which we tend to overcome in front of the telly or down at the pub, 10 to 15 minutes of visualising on the happiest moment of your life that you can recall will enable you to see work in a new light and give you the ability to become far more productive in any work, home or play process.
3rd, Slowing Down. We spend our days in a busy life rushing here and there and if we are not careful the body through the spirit has the ability to say enough is enough and force us to take a break. Or, we can through the peace which floods our system in HPT decide to follow a natural urge to slow down, take time for ourselves and fast for a day giving the body time to recuperate all of its systems without any sudden failure to surprise us.
4th, Healing. This is really an extension of Slowing Down, having given the body a chance to recuperate and adding the important step of a fast enables the immune system, which begins in the gut, with no digestion or absorption to consider, to follow its true instinct and volition to heal the body and mind naturally enabling the immune system to perform its true function, at all times.
5th, Music. On a personal basis the music of your choice is, I believe, a natural healer that imbues a feeling of relaxation and Well-being in the listener. Though I have to say that the preferred music of my children and their partners leaves much to be desired in the way of relaxation, but maybe that is just my age?
It is said that music played to a child in the womb is helpful to the unborn, but again if you want to avoid giving birth to a hyperactive monster try not to play Heavy Metal Music too close to a pregnant mum. Mozart or Chopin are said to be the best, but again it comes down to your personal choice. The facial expressions of unborn children in the womb, seen on a scan, leave you in do doubt as to their musical preference!
And there’s no doubt that there is something magical about music that brings harmonies into the un-measurable mystery of consciousness that not all, but certain scientists are only now, in these amazing moments of NOW, beginning to recognise, if only at the quantum level: What they thought was vacant space is in fact filled with conscious potential. I believe their minds will be blown when they recognise not only the magical, but also the mystical significance of music. In fact I am one who prefers silence in HPT but if you prefer then a musical piece that does not demand concentration but goes nowhere is best.
6th, Solution. With a clear head, a rested body with restored focus potential and secure relationships both at home and abroad the many challenges which may have daunted us in the past suddenly appear with their solutions as you view them anew.
That is a result worth spending a few minutes to achieve wouldn’t you say?
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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