Rivers of time flow
First fast, then so slow.
Seeing their pains
Are the painful games.
It’s all a matter of time!

Snatching your time
Like a mountain to climb.
They know they’re ill,
Know dying, they will.
It’s all a matter of time!

Not wanting to leave,
Don’t want you to grieve.
Wishing the pain to stop,
One without the other’s the top.
It’s all a matter of time!

They know and you know
There’s one way to go.
That irksome thief
When moments are brief.
It’s all a matter of time!

When they start that journey
The one to us a mystery,
Of many a mansion
Which no one can shun.
Where time matters not!

In truth they’re only next door,
Not lost either to rich or poor.
They are still here with you
Within the very heart of you.
Where time does not exist!

Time is just a river that flows
Runs fast and then slows,
Just like you and me on a role,
Its just the journey of the Soul.
Where time matters not!
© David Tenneson – 2017


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Devonian writer
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