Our lives are ruled by the dreaded dot com
What com was meant? Rather enjoy the hum of the Ohm.
Do you have more than one to move your day along?
I once had three then two, so one is dead and gone.

One used on one device, but not on another,
Keeping them separate can be quite a bother
Since the one can now talk to the other,
Luckily for me, with a tech savvy helper!

Everything on Wi-Fi is hooked together
Even when not joined by old fashioned wires
The computer easily talks to the printer
Your posts will find out the truth from the liars.

With mobile phones reading true and fake
We became hooked for emergency’s sake,
Mainly to be in contact with those we love
Knowing where we all are when we’re on the move.

But trying to avoid the social media curse
Constantly dragged back in, by dot doc or nurse.
Having to watch the pennies in the purse
So the pounds look after themselves, in a verse!

The com has a habit of appearing and reappearing
Even in our space through my love of gardening.
Spending much time with the com-puter’s a must
Then relaxing in the garden and feeding the com-post.

Posts and messages, com-ments and hikes
Are all in the daily dot com likes and dislikes
Where will it all finish, I ask myself,
Will it end up with the rest, up on a shelf?

Communication is the name of the game
Especially if we do become halt or lame.
But of course there is another future way
One cited as impossible in this age and day.

But when we understand the nature of mind
Known as spirit, consciousness of a kind,
It is a level of mind which we have enjoyed
At a stage of our being, avoiding the cloyed.

Yes, I know we have already been there
Not daring again to venture somewhere …
We’ve been before, done that, got the T shirt
You know the story, not wishing to get hurt.

Fancy knowing we can think and be heard
Understood by other individuals in a herd.
How cool is that without a tech phone
Just you, knowing that you are never alone?

Is that possible? I hear many of you ask
Yes, like in the light of the sun to bask.
One day you’ll see, perhaps not here
Far, far away in another life, have no fear!

It’s all in the mind, allowing it’s true
Mind is the possibility not to rue,
Accepting and knowing you’ll prove,
All is within consciousness to move.

It’s up to you to fathom what I meant
Whether you’re in a house or a tent
Makes no difference the idea I’ve lent
It could be dot com or even dot ment!
© David Tenneson – 2017 


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