We so often speak of belief.
As if our lives depended on our adherence to a code, the creed of a cult or a  Caste system. These days with the kind of pressures that a modern society imposes on us we can become so stressed that we tend to lose our sense of worth and well-being. Consequently we are encouraged by personal trainers and therapists of all shades to believe in ourselves.

We belief in so many things due to the forces exerted on us by peer pressure and social media, which as we have mentioned in the past, can have the effect of reducing our feelings of worthiness to virtually nothing, leading to depression and eventual suicide in extreme cases.

For some of us the strength of religion in our families is so strong that a belief in a divinity becomes a second nature and regular prayer and attendance at our local temple, synagogue or church is as natural as breathing.

For others without that strong connection, going to church on a Sunday becomes an intrusion in the break from school or work on a family weekend and to try to encourage a belief in a divinity without an otherwise strong foundation becomes an Herculean task.

There are, however, certain aspects of our being which are common to us all where belief is not required: we are not asked to believe that we can breathe and from that first gasp, often with a smart slap from the midwife, we breathe!
Daring to mention the obvious, we are not asked to believe that our heart will continue to pump blood around our bodies, that we will continue to breathe and our nervous system will run whether we are awake or asleep.

In fact of course, by asking someone to believe we immediately set up a barrier! Asking to believe infers that they can also not believe.
So to believe or not to believe? That is the question!

We accept that we can breathe, we accept that our central nervous system works, we accept that the sun will rise and set and rise and set, because we know that all this and much more besides will happen.

We are an intelligent race, but so often we will not accept without proof in some form or another, that we will not be considered stupid, that this or that is true.
We were gifted with Free-will which means that we have the power to choose and to change, but what I find difficult to accept is that our brightest brains still cannot accept that we are not alone in the Universe and best of all that there is a Devine architect whose plan we enjoy every second of every day that we exist on Spaceship Earth flying through space at a phenomenal speed.

We therefore need not to believe, but to accept and to know that we are permanently connected through the divine element within us, the Soul, to the Devine whom we call by any name we choose, which matters not!

Commiserations to all who have chosen not to believe in the Devine, but at some time in the future I have no doubt that you will accept and know the Devine when the obvious in plain sight, where sight along with hearing, touch and taste are senses that do not exist, will leave you with no other choice, either in this existence or the next, through the unbridled sensitivity of your consciousness.

At least you will have exercised your Free-will and given the Soul the experience of a life of dis-belief.

A thought to bear in mind:

“Absence of proof is no proof of absence!”

With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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