As far as Ascension is concerned, there is a part of you that cannot rise up any further than it is, apart from leaving its present confinement within your physical body, which it cannot do while you are still alive, because it is forever linked to the highest we can conceive in terms of consciousness, which humanity has called by a multitude of names under the general term of divinity and we call the Logos.

Some of us are already concerned with a rising or ascending, each with our own interpretation of what that actually means, with general assumptions that we will arise as others were supposed to have done in the past and move perhaps bodily into the state known as Heaven or Nirvana spoken of by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

However, this is not what is permitted, expected or hoped for of mankind by the original source consciousness to which we are linked and which as the word implies was our origin, to which we are permanently linked at a level of consciousness which is beyond our immediate sensing or conscious understanding.

To reach Nirvana is the ultimate disappearing act to which that part of us yearns to become a part!

In the meantime, and we are finding that time can indeed be found to be mean, as it slips away from us in our obsession continually to find things to be doing, not really appreciating that nothing is ever finished and we complain that that precious resource has been taken away from us by something, state of affairs or fate outside of us and nothing to do with us so we cannot be held responsible!
Can that be true?

There is no doubt that in the final act of life our remaining elements of consciousness will firstly download every split second of experience of life into the Akashic Record and the second part, linked as it is, and as if joined by spiritual elastic and not a second thought will ascend and become transferred immediately into the all encompassing love of the Source.

But the quest and, dare I say, the trick for humanity is not to wait through or waste a second of the mean time, but to achieve the state of being linked to the Source, Logos or Ascension in waking consciousness!

There is a part of me that tries constantly to find in my mind the qualities that guided and motivated the two most prominent prophets that mean most to me in this lifetime. Firstly there is the Buddha whose life from the beginnings of high birth and opulence to one of deprivation and aestheticism in his journey to overcome suffering in others and if the writings of his followers are to go by, then to me it signifies a gospel of the mind or the head. However, I have to say that present day teachings of Buddhism I find dry and leave me rather cold.

Whereas the Gospel of Jesus or Jeshua as I prefer to know him speaks to me as a message for the heart, where love is the predominant force and which I can see would appeal more to the man in the street, can I say? In this respect I guess I am a man in the street, but as some would have it and explain that heart is merely a pump without which we would not exist, I feel the understanding has gone a little astray.

And here is where the two prophets come together:
We have to borrow from the teachings of Buddha in order more acutely to understand the true meaning of the teachings of Jeshua.

To look more closely, or perhaps that is the wrong sense to use since what we need to see cannot be seen and can only be sensed in other ways where ultimately faith, becoming knowing, takes over as we form an understanding of the importance of the energy centres in the body.

In the very centre of the human body (or thereabouts as it is able to move) lies a force of energy which when translated from the Sanskrit gives us the Heart Centre.

It is from this point that, when we talk about the heart in spiritual terms, lies the most important energy in the human body. Briefly, it is linked to the element of Air, of connection and linking with others and hence the sense of touch.

Can you understand that in this context it implies that we need to use this centre to reach out and to connect with the rest of the human race and to the other kingdoms that share this planet with us. It is this centre through which we connect and send love and healing energies to others. In short it almost demands that we respect others, that we understand the brotherhood that we enjoy with others, we must accept the responsibility for the planet and for all other life forms on it.

It is said that the healing professions are those of vocation which in my mind must also include teaching, caring and sharing. There is a need within us to use this centre of energy for the sake of others which leads us on the pathway to Ascension and our Rising in Spirituality.

If we do not use this centre, ignore it or do not know of its existence then we deplete ourselves and we deplete others whom we could otherwise care for, if only in thought. It is where the only future for mankind lies!
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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