As part of the aging population we are no different than the rest when it comes to our reliant on a pill or two to keep us on an even keel, though I have to say that we have managed through care, attention and moderation in all things to reduce our reliance on the good doctor’s prescriptions and he is as pleased as we are that we have gone from several to one in the morning and two at night.

Of course we still believe that we can do the same as we did thirty or so years ago to our chagrin and the reaching for the muscle rub at the end of the day. I guess none of us likes to admit that we still need a script or two, feeling that we are still thirty five inside when in fact we are over double that desirable date.

We are grateful that we have passed the three score years and ten with flying colours realising that any consequent internal aggression is totally down to our own ability to age gracefully. Although our motto is still the resolution to age disgracefully! Ha, ha!

We are a gullible race and the demigods: the therapists, dieticians and the like only have to write a book to convince us that if it’s in print it must be true and we flock to buy and try the latest diet. I have to say that it is our firm belief that careful consideration and attention to the foods that agree or disagree with us are the things to watch and guide our moderation.

How can a writer presume to tell us that we will all lose weight if we follow their recipe when we are so diverse and individual to the point of being unique? It may be good for the writer, but our best prescription is to become your own detective and stick to your own gut felt reactions to foods and drinks. If you go against your feelings then you only fool yourself. Let’s face it the immune system begins in the gut!

We have so much power locked away within us that we are gifted with the answers to most if not all of the challenges that are thrown at us in the journey through life. Don’t forget that if you do get stuck you can phone a friend! But be careful who you message on the Internet since you can never be completely sure who you are corresponding with.

On that subject as we have mentioned in the past, trust with respect seems to have disappeared out of the window and we can only prescribe that you make absolutely sure that you can trust who you talk to and take all of the security measures recommended especially where children are concerned.
Many of us seem to sail through life, like our neighbour across the road who, well into her eighties wears no specs and staggers a bit with the use of a cane tends her garden, but otherwise as sharp as a button and our friend back in Brussels who, of similar age takes no pills and is still a regular at theatre and meeting friends as he lives his life to the full.

Is that the answer then? To live a life as diverse as possible, exercising both the body and the mind? If you ask a group of centenarians what they put their great age down to you will get a diverse set of answers too! One will say they eat when they have plenty and fast when they have little, their body turns out like a piece of streaky bacon – lean and fat, lean and fat! Another will say they have four eggs a day, two of them raw and yet another will tell of their affinity with nature and that a daily walk in the woods is their prescription for good health and a long life.

And I guess there you have it: if you feel good about it you believe it and it works for you. Now that is the secret! I don’t believe that long life is desirable for all, but in the grand scheme of things, considering the Divine Directive that we should pursue happiness for ourselves first and the rest will follow, seems a good maxim, don’t you think?

I believe that our life span depends on whether our purpose has been served in this life and also that our passing, at whatever age, can be a source of learning and essential experience for those left behind. In this respect our life can be complete at one week or one hundred years!

Feelings definitely lead to belief so if you feel bad about it don’t do it, but if you feel good about it then you are doing the right thing so carry on with your own prescription for happiness.

You see, I’m sure you would agree that it is beyond belief that anyone can tell you how to achieve happiness, because they cannot possibly know you sufficiently well to give you anything like the right prescription.

So, a few nuggets of wisdom:
For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.
Abraham Lincoln
To hold someone as your object of attention while you’re connected to Source Energy, is the greatest gift that anyone could give. When you’re not happy, you don’t have anything to give. And so, what it literally means is – be happy, because you cannot give anyone something that you do not feel.
Choose your prescription wisely, with Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to PRESCRIPTION

  1. taikunping says:

    well written David, my beliefs too equate with your own, blessings, Tai


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