In my learning I was taught about opposing forces
To oppose the pull of the other team we needed purchase
Making a secure foothold to prevent a slide and to give …
Give the pullers in our team the stability to overcome
As in the rugby team, I was the lock holding all together
And in this pull of war I was the stable anchor man against
The force of the others tugging in the opposite direction.
But in the grander scheme we are all anchored by Big G,
Gravity by any other name and our task is to fly!
Fly by allowing the centrifugal force to match Big G.
Can you do this?

When you approach this balance you can float,
Your steps will be as soft as slippers on white clouds.
Some in their wisdom, in far off days of old
Were blest with the gift of Earth spin, allowing them
To rise above the soil to the amazement of others!
Revelling in their unique achievement … look at me!
Wise words made their way and filed into the mind
Better to teach the ancient wisdom that to boast so.
And so, there was a letting go, for half a life
Of seclusion in a mountain cave.
Could you do that?

The one was proclaimed a saint and revered
His achievement not seen since, but not to say
That it could not happen again in the same way.
Just as there are those who can move objects
Without touching, shaking or blowing
Just by the power of the mind and this, in time,
Will happen when we are ready to receive.
The day will come when the gifts of the body,
And the transcendental gifts of the mind
Will prove that the impossible is possible.
Are you ready for that?
© David Tenneson – 2017


About David

Devonian writer
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