We have always taught the greatest need for mankind right now is to have respect for one another. In the consciousness of the Logos we are all equal, but how often do we see the opposite in operation between each other and not only between races, but between neighbours of the same race in the same village and in the same family?

One thing the downsizing which we have experienced through force of circumstance, in the move back from Spain to the UK, has taught us is that in the consequent restriction of space we have found there is so much that we had accumulated that in fact we do not need.

More than that, those who are like us, born into families with a reasonable amount of space feel such a change as almost claustrophobic, whereas those who are born into a family whose worldly wealth includes a one room hut with a mud floor without furniture of any kind and yet withstand the ravages of time and the ever present threat of famine and yet manage to bring up a family.

You could say that we feel it more because we have known a different and more spacious environment and they have never known anything different than their one room hut! Nevertheless having been through our transition we have the greatest respect for those in restricted circumstances.

This sounds a trifle trite since we respect all our fellow humans and indeed those of all of the kingdoms who share this planet with us, but it was to illustrate a point and hope you can find some similarity in the above.

It is a fact that we are all gifted with Free-will and therefore not one of us has the right to criticise or try to restrict another. And yet, in the exercise of their Free-will certain countries can upset some if not all of the rest of the world, by their actions which threaten neighbouring states or any other country whose actions upset them, or actually kill their own citizens. No guesses as to who springs to mind!

Some countries don the hat of peacemakers, but others, taking the penal system of democratic nations to its extreme, put on their armour and award themselves the medal of vigilante rushing in where angels fear to tread, (since angels are well aware of the unwritten law not to infringe or deny another’s Free-will) and seek to remove by force the leaders of rogue nations. No respect you understand, just restriction of the highest order? And when the dust settles they expect to be congratulated and rewarded for removing a tyrant from power.

As we have seen, often years after such events, the vigilante efforts were so often based on false intelligence and countries so affected are left in limbo with infrastructure damaged and their own systems of government, law and order in tatters and with no means to defend themselves from aggression of any kind.

Closer to home, as we age and family circumstances change we will need more accommodation to bring up a family and when they are grown and have left the nest, downsizing is the order of the day with restriction a necessity.

With reduced family members there are fewer to please, with less hands to control the heating thermostat which can then be adjusted to reduce the fuel bills. One of the benefits of restriction! Those of our age will understand this benefit.

There is no doubt that with accumulation comes the chance of clutter and apart from the obvious visible anguish of seeing the untidiness there is the unseen element of stuck energy that brings feelings of tiredness and of wading through treacle in the home which does make living an arduous task and cleaning an impossible choice.

So restriction has a very positive side effect and I applaud the vogue of the young right now, as seen in my own family, of preferring a more minimalist approach rather than my parents and indeed our own way since most of our stuff was inherited! Difficult to get rid of what we, perhaps mistakenly see as heirlooms, although we do prefer solid wood and the beauty of classic styles, it has to be said.

Enough of our preferences, save to say that we do try to have as little waste as possible and our small compost bin has already provided us with about 100 litres of rich food fodder for plants in just a year. We also restrict our purchase of precooked meals preferring to cook from fresh, thus restricting the amount of unsortable waste according to local council guidelines and the amount going to landfill. So, can restriction go too far? Only you can answer that question since no one can deny your Free-will choice, though make sure you comply with council guidelines! 
Choose wisely, with Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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