Slowly waking to a silver sky
With peach coloured clouds floating by,
Or is it a trick of the waking eye
As silver turns to azure by and by?
No, it is the gentle summer breeze on high,
That creates the moving picture, try
To find the natural in all you spy.
If it sends a shiver through hair and spine
A chill that invigorates from sleep to spry
Recall: we respond to changes, you and I!
This Course in Miracles is not meant to mystify
It’s just another ploy, perhaps a little sly,
But meant to give us the urge to pry
Beyond comfort, feeling high and dry,
Hungry and thirsty and wanting to cry?
How else did we evolve to reach so high
To climb those mountains, touch the sky?
There comes a time: a new pattern we must ply,
The time we must face when death is nigh,
Which is never as daunting as pundits decry!
Some in such abject fear become petrified,
But a mere transition is all that’s implied,
You sleep, in a flash awake, mind magnified!
So, on that breaking morn, for another don’t cry,
They will enjoy the transition from low to high.
The search for freedom comes with a sigh
As they truly wake above and beyond the sky.
Please, don’t mourn a passing, relish the morn, by
Keeping the Devine on your mind, relax and lie
In bed awhile, in peace of mind, know and follow my
Call to acknowledge that all is well, low and on high.
Both here and over there, we are closer to the Devine,
Closer than you ever knew, when it comes you will fly!
As you wake each morn never doubt and never deny.
© David Tenneson – 2017


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3 Responses to MORN

  1. Excellent David.. Death has never held her sting for me.. And when it arrives, I will welcome the new morn and be ready to explore my new surroundings as I embark upon my next venture to explore new worlds..
    I was told, and I think I remember so was you, this is our last incarnation here on beautiful Gaia…. But I look forward, hopefully not yet, for both of us, for that door when it opens to step through.
    Beautiful poem my friend..
    Blessings, and enjoy this beautiful weather.. I was in the allotments at 7am.. and all is looking good..
    Hugs and love to you both.
    Sue 🙂


    • David says:

      Thanks Sue,
      Exactly, death holds only anticipation and a looking forward to the next adventure and yes, we were both told that this was our last time on Earth and despite what we have experienced in the past this life is so good it feels like a reward! Enjoy your beautiful garden with your Hubby and our love and hugs to you both. Love, David ❤ 😀

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