Once on a high and windy hill, our pyramid of adventure called Codden.
When at the age of ten we wanted to get away from boredom of the street and the danger of the ragamuffin gang from the adjacent slum, we would silently find our way to our own secret mountain of adventure. More of a simple hill really with its own quarry, sheer cliff face, wooded surround like a collar of greenery, stinging nettles included at no extra charge.

It later life I remember a family who rented our flat, a part of the grand house my mum ran as a guest house. Their 5 year old son was told off by his mother for running riot in our garden, “If you don’t behave I’ll smack your leg until it stings!” the boy replied wisely with a tear in his eye, “Put a dock leaf on it!”.

Of course the remedy to the nettle grows close to the nettle itself as is so often the case if we care to look closely to the gifts that nature has to offer us. If we have the courage to climb hills and mountains, explore valleys and canyons we will find the dangers, but also the blessings waiting for us.

We seem to be besotted with finding habitable planets, with their own hills and valleys and I guess we can only thank those with the imagination, or should that be inspiration, to give us Star Trek and the like, but we have not even begun to explore the hills and vales of this amazing planet we call home, which Stephen Hawking says we must leave within one hundred years!

Thankfully we now have the technology to enable us to plunge the depths of oceans to scale the mountains literally from apex to base that lie throughout the seas of the world and we are finding another world with many more species than we ever thought possible in the darkness at the base of those hills and mountains which contribute to the rifts and trenches, canyons and hidden cities which have been hiding in the oceans depths since before time began.

What amazes me is that we seem to have forgotten that our home is a living, breathing ever evolving planet and with the gradual, not to say almost imperceptible movement of the immense tectonic plates, the loss of coastlines to powerful tides instigated by our silver moon, to the replacement of fertile lands by both land and undersea volcanoes. The carving of valleys from hills by glaciers and then the destruction of hills by persistent rains causing landslides and the consuming of whole villages under metres of mud.

Pictured one day it has changed the next into, as Shakespeare wrote, in Ariel’s song from The Tempest … ‘a land rich and strange’! Trusting that the chance of a watery grave to join others … ‘full fathom five thy father lies’ … is a fate I would not wish on anyone.

So Codden was our getaway where we could lose ourselves in the greenery of nature, constructing dens with that element of danger which we humans seem to enjoy, or is that need? The chance in coming too close to the edge and falling into the quarry!

I wonder if you too have getaway hills?

We seem to generate virtual hills which are insurmountable in the mind, the hurdles, walls and barriers we put up to limit our creative consciousness which, if we could only accept it, is the only true freedom we have and are able completely to enjoy, without bothering another soul.

We often speak of the co-creative nature of our link to the Divine, but the truth is that just as our true nature is one of Well-being, we were presented at birth with the Divine gift of Free-will and, hard as it is for us to accept, is our true ability to live this gifted life on our own, creating as we go.

Having been given these attributes the Logos steps back, the Soul becomes the Silent Witness and leaves as Gray said, ‘the world to darkness and to me’! Admittedly not in the same context.

Though I see it not as darkness but as light which we are able to enjoy . Sadly we tend to carry so much baggage, not necessarily our own, that our lives end up as varying through all the shades of grey to colour our state of mind on any one day.

We generate those mountains of the mind which are really only walk-able hills and it is quite within our mental capability to reduce them all to mole hills. So where do these mental hills come from?

For me it was an unshakable certainty in my own inadequacy to achieve anything, which stemmed from a childhood so loved by the family that they wanted me to stay with them and the only way they could achieve my remaining with them was to convince me that all that I wanted to do was beyond me, clipping my wings so completely that it left me deformed!

Retrospect is great isn’t it? Looking back with a new perspective we can see how silly we were to imagine that we were unworthy and that life was so difficult, so lonely …

Having been through years of reactive depression, even with a loving family of my own and expert psychiatric help, I can still understand the feelings of helplessness which many of us have to live through in order to come through to realise that what we generated in our mind is not the true reality of our actual self.

May peace, tranquillity and the certainty, that you are indeed worthy and able to achieve anything you desire, be yours.
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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