We are woken by the cooing of the collared dove
Shocked alive by the scream of the gulls above,
Padding up and down the neighbour’s ridge tiles,
Serenaded by the robin, making morning smiles.

By the caw-caw of a pair of black crows
Riding the swaying silver birch boughs
The weeping birches share their memories
As if they’ve all been here for centuries.

Emotion rises as memory recalls and reminds me
Of similar youthful sounds and experiences
All remembrance of nature’s natural nuances.
Emotion is the key, remembered rightly, lets it be.

The repeat is often essential for the message to take root
Maybe it was unlearnt first time round, needed a reboot?
In one lifetime, but also a changed view, a different place
A different persona and a different face the world to face.

We need to return and return to repeat experience
Once is good, for a first timer, but rote is better
Especially for fast moving and changing science.
Did we say this before? It is better / Es ist besser!
(How close is that?)

Nothing better than experience out of the armchair
Hands on is the answer to get tangles out of hair!
Seeing life as it really is, going beyond comfort
Caring to go where angels dare to tread with import.

Just think back to the one trip that gave inspiration
To dare to go again, but much further than before
It’s the urge that propels us forward from our core
Others lag behind smelling roses in perambulation.

Just think back to the one thought that brought joy
Hold that thought, no need to voice it, don’t be coy.
It’s the thought that counts, once thought … it exists
It brings in energy, the life force, so it is, it never rests.
This recognition is the ultimate experience!
© David Tenneson – 2017


About David

Devonian writer
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