Further to the Divine Gardener:
We love to ring the changes, from our brush with campanology and love of cathedral bells, moving stuff around in the home as the seasons direct. Even to the point of a complete change of space from one use to another sometimes in a complete ex-change.

This is good for the circulation of energies within the home with less chance of it becoming stuck in unused corners. Speaking of which in true Feng Shui style, we try to have corners filled to encourage energy to circulate and not stagnate.

Our current dining space has no window and leads from entrance hall to the drawing room which foreseeably will never change in use, therefore dining has to take place in the Dining Hall, at least when the family and or friends arrive.
But you never know there is always a surprise around the corner! Movement?

For us two the kitchen will do, as a small working space or galley kitchen it is more than adequate. But when we meet, each from our own working study for meals, or for coffee at about 10.00 each day it becomes the Café a Deux (sadly my PC does not put the accent over the ‘a’).

You might think it daft, but to us it adds a bit of fun, especially knowing that whatever is served up in the Café a Deux far exceeds the quality of any restaurant in the area, at least to our taste and, at a fraction of the cost!

Similarly the front parking space which now has an everlasting smooth surface surrounded by narrow flower beds and pots and used by all trades is named the Base Court. (See Shakespeare’s Richard II, Act III, Scene III) K. Rich: ” … to come at traitors’ calls and do them grace. In the base court?”

When we arrived taking a step up from the Base, there is a small iron gate, courtesy of the last owners, in the shape of a gothic window leading into the small courtyard at the side of the house, which we had covered, gives access to the front door which then had to become the King’s Court.
(Well, we are in Kingsteignton!)
In the summer the King’s Court, being covered and surrounded with plants, offers the chance to move the Café a Deux outside, so, it too changes use with the seasons, from giving shelter in the winter for callers.

Across the court from there is a solid timber high gothic gate; which, not being able to find anything on line, I made to our own design repeating the gothic shape of the iron gate but with a peep window to see any person wishing to gain entry to the high boundaried garden beyond, with the right password of course!

The garden beyond has become the Monastery Garden in memory of the past and the remote past for us both. (The peep window is for the grandchildren, you understand, but was that the child in us or in them?)

This Monastery Garden is our place of peace and contemplation and on other occasions a place of entertainment which exemplifies the versatility of our spaces in and around our home, or just the mobile Café a Deux. Where two or more gathered together of like mind and purposeful prayer, expect miracles to happen!

So, on the three sides of the house are planted a variety of perfumed herbs from wild sweet Violets to Roses, Lavenders, Mints, Lovage, Marjoram, Lemon Balm, Tarragon, Chives, Thymes and Sage of course for wisdom. In true Rainbow and Chakra tradition colours from the Base of red, orange, and yellow predominate in the Base Court with a hint of blue for balance.

The King’s Court continues the scheme with green, blue and indigo verging on lilac with a hint of pale yellow and through the solid Gothic gate, opening with that correct password and along a short virtual cloister, leading to the Monastery Garden itself.

This area takes on the royal purple through to the higher octaves of pink and white completing all of the rainbow colours of which there is a revolving double rainbow powered by the wind in the centre of the lawn surrounded in the spring by a Fairy Ring of daffodils and topped at all times by the sign of the Divine Ohm carrying an incense burner.

The culinary herbs are used in cooking as there is nothing better than fresh herbs from the garden only supplemented by the dried ones we haven’t the room or the climate to grow. Winters though are kind to us here with parsley growing throughout the year.

The rear high fence above the walled flower bed had a number of knot holes and luckily our collection of cut glass decanter stoppers were put to good use to fill these otherwise peep holes in both directions and as the sun sets over the cemetery beyond it illuminates the stoppers, like light bulbs, at no cost to anyone, solar power par excellence!

Unlike the houses opposite the Base Court, whose gardens boarder the playing field of the school, we get no noise or interference from our neighbours in the cemetery! They are all as quiet as the … in which they lie.
Brings to mind Grays Elegy: (If I recall correctly).

“Beneath those rugged elms that yew trees shade
Where heaves the turf in many a mould’ring heap
Each in his narrow cell for every laid
The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep.”

This is a peaceful place where we sleep soundly and enjoy a busy retirement.
Wishing the same for you now or when you consider your time has come.
The Café a Deux is open for visitors!
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel


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