The Island that has no Name

The Island That Has no Name.
It was thought to be dead, just awash with the tides of the Pacific Ocean, a hazard to those who had forgotten the past. One misty morning a second cloud of fog like steam came from the depths of the sea, bubbling and hissing like a huge water snake as it was birthed afresh in the rolling morning tide.

From a distance sailors thought it was just another foggy morning as the cloud hung to the surface of its birth mother rolling away to the edges of the horizon like a warm cloak against the chill of the deep.

Beneath the surface a current, not seen for many a moon, showed itself as a disturbed and frothing circulation warning those who ventured on the seven seas to keep their distance.

The disturbance magnified into a whirlpool with a dark column ascending from its centre like a black hole of the ocean, not consuming, but in the mode of giving birth to what seemed like a huge conical headed monster from the depths of the ocean floor, breathing noxious fumes and vapours and leaving bright yellow incrustations .

The column increased in volume until it appeared from a distance like the gigantic mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion, this was no man-made atomic detonation, but the result of a living planet, letting off steam and sending a message to all who would misuse the gifts of power in the manner of war, which in a very short time the cloud grew so large as to block out the sun.

We became aware that far from our thoughts of another foggy day there was a new, far more serious energy afoot which in time could bring about the confusion of animal life, through poisoning of the atmosphere and eventual starvation of all life on the planet as plants died without the benefit of the life giving sun.

We were powerless to combat what was unfolding before our eyes and frantic attempts to call others to find out what the best course of action was to protect ourselves and to preserve what stores of food we had, as thoughts of rationing pressured our panicking minds and supermarket shelves were soon emptied.

In a short time it became more and more difficult to connect with others as the sun seemed to echo the violent aggression of the planet by causing disruption of the magnetic fields and radio waves so that calls achieved were interrupted with crossed lines of communication and confused conversations were cut short.

It is one of the traits of our race that we always fear the worst  in situations such as this, where the true causes are misunderstood and we only concentrate on the symptoms as we see them. Some had even started the rumour that it was the end of the world while others cited that the aliens had landed and were systematically causing mayhem and destruction around the world, named by others as fake news!

As we said, the planet was not in the mode of destruction, but in the throes of violent creation as an old volcano under the sea began to awaken once again and in a very short space of time forged from the sea bed a new atoll of lava, a new island in the middle of an ocean, firmly anchored to the crust of the earth.

Naturally, time would tell whether the new island would be stable enough to last and in the meantime would have to exist in solitary state with the tides of the ocean lapping its pristine shores until it could be named.

Why is it that we think like this, could it be that we are taught to concentrate on the symptoms rather than the causes, just like the allopathic teaching of our new gods, the doctors whom as the population ages we come to rely on so much to their breaking point? Please God, our new gods are not defeated!

In every day walks of life, sometimes symptoms are all we have to go on instead of looking deeper to find those elusive causes. In so many fields of our existence if we could only delve that little bit deeper maybe wars could be prevented?

So, before you jump to conclusions find out why people react the way they do and then find avenues of commonality in which shared values will find agreement thus avoiding argument, dissention and hatred, leading to our own aggression, violence and war!

We are all creators: after all we have created the world as it is and for that we must take responsibility. To take it to its ultimate conclusion we are all capable of ceasing to create clouds of smoke and shadows, when with a little ingenuity and good-will we can create our own atolls of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the oceans of fury that often surround us and consistently cloud our troubled minds.

We do not need to name the atolls we create, knowing that they are safe within a cleared mind, enabling  us to invite others to share our havens of safety, peace  and love when their need arises.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to The Island that has no Name

  1. The world is constantly reforming and creating.. Its never still.. Earthquakes are at the moment on a high level around the earth.. and you should visit this blog to see updates that are very accurate .. I follow on Youtube… he is spot on … As I have relations in Italy who also follow him.. after they had the earthquake shake their home..

    The problem with mankind is that he thinks himself above nature.. And feels somehow he can control it.. We build on extinct volcanic islands.. Tenerife a prime example.. 🙂 Here we build on flood planes and cry when the waters rise… Nature is Master.. and with all our attempts at weather control.. It will backfire in our faces.. She is now showing us her might.. And we are but ants upon her back..

    Great thoughts written here my friend
    Sue 🙂


    • David says:

      Good thoughts Sue, I remember the Lynnmouth floods in my youth all because man tried to divert the course of the river. We must not tamper with the course of Nature! Love, David


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