How many Globes are there in a game of Quiddich?
I bet just about everyone out there will know the answer to that one!
Of course the elusive Snitch is the intriguing one that has a mind of its own, or is that the mind of the Wizard who programmed the game? A bit like the programmes which intrigue us when we play games on the Internet!

There are many Globes in this world some are obvious, but at the same time take a lot of skill to play them to win, including in the games of cricket, tennis, ping pong, football, snooker and billiards down to the humble marble. There speaks the one who found regular balls another science except perhaps the odd ball, rugby ball or two, suiting my own personality of odd ball and slightly off the wall artistic temperament!

We are surrounded as we know now by all of our local planets in the Solar System, which are added to as more of the family are found with extended elliptical orbits of some Globes that might only come close say every 3000 years or more, and who knows there could be more to find and to intrigue us as time flies and they fly through space.

I have always loved the desk Globes from the first to the most recent which chart the understanding of continents and changes in claimants to empires which we can see as the colours change from Globe to Globe in subsequent issues.

There are Globes of semi-precious stones from pure, clear quartz to black and white snowflake obsidian and all the rest in between of which I admit to having a small collection, used as a trigger like the Tarot cards by some mediums to bring their gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience to the fore.

Slightly more accurate and believable than the likes of Gypsy Rose Lee at the end of the pier, “Cross my palm with silver my dear” in days of old! Of course there are some still plying such trade today! Just for a bit of seaside fun you understand, though often seen as serious by Rose herself and her more ardent patrons! Though fortune telling is not the remit of a serious medium!

Then we go one step further to the Globes carved into the shape of Crystal Skulls of which there are many, all having their own names, one of which carved from Malachite called Kaa to which in correspondence with his keeper it was proved that I had a distinct affinity. Not surprising since I know of at least one past life where I was a programmer of genuine clear quartz Crystal Skulls for the benefit of individual families, their health and extended life expectancy.

I say genuine because there are modern day reproductions providing a lucrative trade for Eastern crystal carvers making replicas in different sizes and stones, some lifelike and life size, but the majority not so lifelike and more like beads than full size skulls. In the genuine article no tool or creation marks can be seen under a microscope! How did that happen?

The Globe on which we live, this Earth, this Eden which we think we know so well, but still holds many mysteries both above and below the surface of the seas and there is no doubt that it is a wondrous place and full of miraculous marvels to surprise and intrigue us. How could any Soul miss the opportunity to journey here and experience as much as possible in every one of a thousand or more lifetimes?

Such as: A different type of Globe has been found across the world carved from granite or other hard rocks in various sizes often found in groups together in haphazard arrangement. Many have been lost for hundreds if not thousands of years, overgrown in the jungles of the world until present day explorers and archaeologists have unearthed them.

To date they are a mystery and that haphazard arrangement could have been caused by earth movements from the days of Pangaea or from the ignorant interference of local tribes. There have been guesses made as to their origin and purpose, but I have yet to find anything that rings true with me.

However, my own view is that they were originally intended as a teaching aid, and as the sizes mirror the relative sizes of the solar system planets to our sun, they were to prove their existence at a time when there were no telescopes and their original positioning would have shown their relationships one to another in their orbits round the largest Globe, the Sun!

What concerns the archaeologists is their obvious great age and therefore the apparent impossibility of being made by man. So who made them?

We have spoken about the sudden leap in the consciousness of mankind and our ability to make possible tools etc., but I believe more importantly in the change of diet to achieve a bigger brain size admitting consciousness itself, overtaking instinct and the consequent spiritual advancement which could only have been achieved through a change in our DNA. How did that happen?

It would seem as if there was a sudden conscious acceptance of a Divinity.
So, time to put thinking caps on: What do you think about the Globes?
Answers to any or all questions on email please!
Have fun, with Love and Blessings Hanukah & the Angel


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