Do you know your place?
Recalling the comedy sketch with John Cleese and the two Ronnies, nowhere more obviously seen in real life than in India still in this Y. O. O. L 2017 so long after my first intimate encounter in 1997!

I fell in love with India, followed the Lotus Path, over three weeks and 2,500 miles to most of the important places in Buddha’s life including a visit to where he was born at Lumbini in Nepal, but excluding the place of his death at Kushinaga, due to the dreaded Delhi belly which knocked our itinerary for six.

You either love it or hate it mainly, as a friend explained, he could not take the poverty which is in your face all of the time and as soon as he landed in India he turned round and got the next flight home. Sadly the locals know their place and adhere religiously to their Caste Code despite the efforts of such revolutionaries as Ghandi! What chance an Untouchable?

I guess it’s the only way that India works, at least for now!

These days, all over the world it is money that talks and puts us all securely in our little boxes, luckily in the West there is more opportunity to rise through the ranks to greater things, but the final bastions of old money cash or poverty stricken aristocracy are the most difficult if not impossible to break through. Unless you are born in it or marry into it.

There was a time when the religious centres, monasteries and churches were places of safety where you could step over the threshold of such a place and claim sanctuary, but as the years passed by and the respect for the church dwindled the sanctity was breached and those hiding from persecution were dragged out to their inevitable fate by the power of arms with no recognition to the sanctity of sanctuary.

Now we have the embassies of foreign countries where safety may be found as the building is deemed to be sacrosanct foreign territory. I wonder how long Julian Assange will be able to remain in the Embassy of Ecuador in London England where he claims asylum? He may even be making moves of his own as time weighs heavily on him and conditions change in the outside world.

History is written by the winning side and truth, as shown by Assange, is seen as treason if it unmasks the deceit of despots!

The powers that be have a habit of showing us our place and enforce our keeping to that place. It sounds like the lawlessness of the Middle Ages, but this is today in 2017 and like it or not the hidden power of the security services will often decide, regardless of the law or the truth, where the interests of the country lie and how best to protect and preserve it.

Regardless of our place in the grand scheme of things, we are all at risk to a greater or lesser degree in the face of international terrorism and intelligence is now shared between many of the countries of the world to limit its activity, at the one level, as they all snoop on each other for their own interests at other hidden levels we will probably never know about, but just guess about!

An Englishman’s place is his castle and now extended to the English ladies who will most likely outlive us fragile males … witness the population balance in the care homes for the elderly where the girls win over the boys by a substantial margin! A word of warning: Do watch out for the number of ‘Smart’ appliances in your place which will enable others to track your every move, likes, dislikes and weak spots! They will be able to watch you, watching your TV through your TV.
O, lawks!

As we age we have tended to become confined to our place not by design, but it just takes longer to get stuff done, however, getting out and about is one of the best ways of warding off the evils of failing health and certainly a short or longer walk several times a week is good for the body and also the mind.

Try to make your place a haven of health, love and happiness for you and yours. Since downsizing we have made as many changes and additions to facilitate as easy a life as possible leaving time for us to do the things we most enjoy. Not quite there yet, but at least that’s the plan and we are getting there! It’s good to have a plan and since nothing is ever finished we know that whatever stage we are at, it’s all a work in progress. No pressure then!

That’s the ticket: reducing pressure and keeping ourselves fit and well enough to be of help and service to others is the aim right now, understanding that we must all make ourselves well in our own place first, otherwise how can we be of benefit to others? Remembering that the overriding consciousness of the Universe is that of Well-being what ever and wherever our Place.
With Love and Blessings Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to KNOW THY PLACE

  1. Loved your post.. And yes downsizing aids us to not get overwhelmed by chores while still finding the time to do and pursue the things we love doing.. Keeping active is the key not getting stuck in front of the TV or the Computer for long periods for that matter..
    And your sentence here “Try to make your place a haven of health, love and happiness for you and yours.” Most important..
    In love and health to you both..
    Sue xxx 🙂


  2. taikunping says:

    “They will be able to watch you, watching your TV through your TV.”….I’ve wondered that too David.
    “reducing pressure and keeping ourselves fit and well enough to be of help and service to others is the aim right now” again yes for sure. We’ve been doing lots of home maintenance in the last couple of years and stepped up on the exercise.
    Excellent article David
    Love and blessings, Tai


    • David says:

      We know about the home improvements having exhausted ourselves, and would you believe that we dare to go on planning to get the best use out of our space! Devils for punishment. Ha, ha 😀 Love, David

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