This is the day that one wants to forget
Literally and by design and yet
We are reminded with enforced parties
Sharing with others their momentous days.

With age it reduces in importance
There are more pressing things to enhance
All days, never mind anniversaries
Gone are the times of stretching salaries.

Now we have enough whatever may come
We are content to entertain at home.
Downsizing has proved a ploy most perfect
Reducing our needs in every respect.

Happy to advise the young in their struggle
As they try to master the monetary juggle.
Concentrating on what we really want
A need to share, not what we don’t want!

This lesson is certainly not brand new
When you think, it’s probably what you knew!
In the depths of your monkey chatter mind
There is much to learn and so much to find.

When you search and see how your own mind works
Birthdays lose their import and pretty perks,
Leading you to mindfulness and wisdom
Both ancient and modern, hail your kingdom!

So enjoy celebrations and birthdays
Finding real meaning behind these days
You never know it may lead you to joy
Which begins within whatever your ploy!

© David Tenneson – 2017


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Devonian writer
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5 Responses to BIRTHDAY BOY

  1. Happy belated Birthday David.. seems that these years fly by every faster my friend.. And you are right.. as we get older those birthdays mean less.. And yet seeing how my granddaughter lights up when its hers.. I remember well that excitement a child holds as the day arrives..

    Wishing you well my friend


  2. taikunping says:

    “Now we have enough whatever may come
    We are content to entertain at home.”

    I love this way of being too David
    I talked to my son over Skype on my birthday afternoon, he lives in Denmark and works for Lego doing design work, Skype helps us to stay close and family based.


    • David says:

      Yes Tai, while in Spain for 12 years we used to Skype with my daughters in the UK a lot, but since in UK for 18 months now and still not seeing them that often we have reverted to the good old telephone or a text! However we will be celebrating birthdays together next weekend! Love, David


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