In the bleak and stormy wild winters
We batten down all of the hatches,
We keep the home fires banked, all hours
Thoughts are turned to the Spring-time hatchings.

Spring joined us in our joy and our mirth
Blessing the earth through March on to May.
Thoughts are turned to birth and rebirth,
Renewal the constant thought of the day.

Surrounded by miracles: young are born
Such beauty defies description.
Our lives, our world and all adorned
As fauna and flowers find fascination.

Thoughts are born from experience,
Travel really does broaden the mind.
The marriage of spirit and science
Are the right thoughts to raise humankind.

What of the battles between them fought?
When in truth one begets the other,
It all begins in the place often sought
Not seen or heard, e’en avid the prayer.

You think you’ve seen it? What imagination!
What sight, what inspiration, what visualisation!
Or what faith to think you saw before arriving,
Thoughts and ideas born from emotioneering!

Images in life, on the big or small screen
Create those emotions to laugh or to scream
Your sensitivity, thoughts involved or not,
You see it and think it as cold or hot.

Your repeated thought gives rise to belief
Thoughts can manifest in the mind as brief
Flash of consciousness or insist to dwell.
Those with many meanings make a deep well!

Levels of the well take you back through time,
Thoughts change beliefs, meditations sublime.
Experience, the urge that drives us here
Not ours, but one whose inclusion, so dear!

Without whom we’d certainly not exist
Begin to believe, let that thought persist
Let it repeat in the mind, create the line
For sure it’s your only link to Divine.

Return to the miracle of creation
To the beauty of that Spring day, take action
Let each thought be cradled in the link of time
Since time began with our link to Divine.
© David Tenneson – 2017


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to THOUGHTS

  1. An excellent poem dear David.. “Your repeated thought gives rise to belief” oh so true.. And if only others were aware of how those thoughts manifest our very reality.. and the fears within them.

    Wishing you a very good week David.. May you and yours have a wonderful Easter.. Love and Blessings To you xxx


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