Alpha & Omega

By all accounts the Sun was our beginning if you care to go back that far into the history of the Universe or just Planet Earth. However, for us we are still in some doubt as to the origin of the first seed of life on the Planet.

Then we come up against the argument between science and spiritual as to the origin of Mankind as opposed to the beginning of the ape like mammals and the possible link between us and them.

That being said, I have no answers, only my own beliefs to share: So, I believe, as one sage wrote, ‘there never was a time when man was not’. In other words we are not descended from any ape, for they took one path and we another, but then we have our own distinct branch on the tree of life, which you could call our first Alpha Moment. That is not to say that we as a species did not evolve from there, over time.

In the beginning I am sure that we behaved in much the same way as many animals behave with no Soul and acting on instinct alone. The difference between us was that over time we changed from gatherers to hunter-gatherers copying our cousins and with the change from herbivores to omnivores the result was an enhanced and stronger body maintaining an upright stance continuously and a larger brain within.

This last result from diet change, and incidentally the spur to my own change, from having tried vegetarianism, I moved back to being an omnivore because I truly believe that that is what my body and mind needs, with as much variety as possible for ideal health. Just as the bees like variety in the pollen they collect in order to feed their young and queen with the best honey.

With an enhanced brain size it was at this point in time, which I call the second Alpha Moment, and you might have a problem with this, but just stay with me: at that point in time there was a huge change in a distant Star which we call Sirius in its final death throws so much so that one of its planet’s inhabitants had no option than to leave and try to find another place in the Galaxy to live. Much as at another point in time which we are headed to right now and I have no doubt will find ourselves in that same boat or starship!

Luckily for them the Sirians were a highly advanced race of beings with a similar body to our own. They had mastered space travel and found the answer to bending space to facilitate travel from one side of the Galaxy to the other, which we would see as many light years away, they could traverse in a matter of a week or two.

One of the many planets they found that could serve their purpose, if only temporarily was Earth. You will no doubt have read of the many legends of golden chariots in the sky or fiery serpents, which some have attributed to a war of the worlds in the distant past, but to me this was the first and subsequent journeys made by the Sirians in their search to fine an acceptable climate, as near as possible to their home planet, but in this instance here on Earth.

They were a highly intelligent, spiritual race and wanted to join with the existing race of mankind and not to take them over. They offered in exchange for a shared living space an enhanced DNA in order to accommodate a change in humans from instinct to full consciousness. This meant that the body could accept a Soul which would bring with it the gift of Consciousness synonymous with Mind and Spirit.

It has been assumed by some that the Sirians enslaved the human race in order to mine for the elements they needed for their existence and higher technology, but I do not believe this. The enhanced DNA was not an instant silver bullet, it had to be introduced gradually, so, those who were still working on instinct acted as the labour force as their natural tribal leaders first born would be the first to receive the gift, and so on down the line until all were at the same enhanced level through the generations.

This process took many, many years!
You will have seen the archaeological remains unearthed across the planet of the most amazing building structures with stones weighing many tons fitted together with no mortar and yet perfectly matched, as the centres where this gift could be given in more than one place across the globe and you may wonder how this could have been achieved say 50,000 to 100,000 years ago?

The Sirians were masters in the use of lasers which were used to melt the edges of the stone blocks so that they fitted together exactly. Remember the ‘H’ blocks? Also, did you ever wonder why there is no mention in any records of the creation of the Jordanian temple at Petra! Neither is there any evidence of the remains that would be left from the use of primitive tools such as hammer and chisel, only sand which is the only remnant left from the use of lasers. It was certainly not made by the Nabataeans who came much later!

That same sand has been found to cover a lower level of the Temple, recently found, which could have been a tomb. With such superior knowledge the Sirians knew how far they could excavate without the collapse of the cliff from which the Temple was carved. You get the picture?

I hope I have been able to whet your appetite into believing a more gentle past than the mass belief in the invasion of aliens with intent to kill us all and take over the Earth! Or was that a possible scenario of the future envisioned by some?

As a Soul entered the first embryo capable of sustaining life and with a brain large enough it brought with it the gift of Consciousness, this phenomenal gift could only have occurred with the change in the DNA which was the gift of the Sirians to the human race.

So, the Sun is seen as the origin or Alpha of the Earth and if we do not blow this Planet apart ourselves it will be the agent of our demise, our Omega.

Let us hope that we can recover some of the knowledge and wisdom of the Sirians through our own research into space travel and other aspects of how best to live and yes, survive! So that when the time comes for us to move on we will have the means to move in peace and tranquillity to another Earth.

Throughout this essay some symbols have come to me and it has been said that in order to understand our own dreams we need to understand the meaning of the symbols that appear to us. It is impossible for someone else to interpret our dreams without this inner knowledge.

For instance, new symbols for Alpha and Omega have come to me which have made my meditation and interpretation of my dreams, how shall I say? A more immediate and easily understandable experience. Of course that does not do justice to the experience, but words are inadequate here! Wouldn’t you say?

Save to say though: I believe that the Universe is a peaceful place, a special space and a playful place, which I sincerely trust that one day we will learn how to enjoy, without fear and in the full knowledge of the Love of the Divine Lord Logos, in the final event our only Alpha and Omega.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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8 Responses to Alpha & Omega

  1. A wonderful write dear David.. and yes so much of History as to our origins is lost, and deliberately deleted.. And I often smile as to the Science verses Spirituality.. And no words we could ever give would explain what we Know to be truth..
    🙂 And I am pleased to note you are receiving symbols.. too.. I awoke within a dream state a few weeks ago now David.. seeing a see of Hieroglyphics swimming before my eyes.. I knew not there meaning in my awakening head.. But I am sure deep subconsciously they imprinted their coding’s
    Love and Light my dear friend and I thank you again for all your insights.. xxx ❤ Sue

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  2. Dear David,
    Thank you for this post which resume what you and I believe in.

    I would like to add only this.. Although the Bible, and especially Genesis. is not to be read as a Science project, one can find in its myths remnants of truth.
    I, namely think about the famous chapter telling us that the “Angels descended on our planet and saw how beautiful the daughters of Men. This relation between different species would procreate a race of Giants”.
    Of course one should read between the lines and now, shining the light of new findings on this chapter,we could translate this as the arrival of the Sirian people on our planet Earth.
    Bringing with them what was necessary to make of our race the Humans we have become.

    It sure is fascinating and I know it is all only suggestion until we find proof… but we also know that behind many myths there is a reality that so often escapes us.
    As someone said .. The absence of proof is no proof of absence. And this we finally have had to accept seeing how many discoveries have been made. That is what archaeology is all about.

    I love to quote the finale of your post but unfortunately, being a pessimist, I can only hope
    that it is :
    Save to say though: I believe that the Universe is a peaceful place, a special space and a playful place, which I sincerely trust that one day we will learn how to enjoy, without fear and in the full knowledge of the Love of the Divine Lord Logos, in the final event our only Alpha and Omega.
    With Love and Light.


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    • David says:

      A lovely simile Eugene and thank you for bringing insights together with passages from the Bible. It all rings so true. Your hope is my truth and in time we will be shown how it really is I am sure. Love to you my dear friend, David

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  3. taikunping says:

    thanks David, there is much to explore and I guess symbols change too over time, it makes me think of a time, not too long after being attuned to reiki when I was questioning the reiki symbols I was given, the cho ku rei was shown to me in a different format, one which made more sense than the one received.


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  4. taikunping says:

    I’d be interested to see the symbols David, in meditation I’ve seen symbols too, I used to write a journal when I first joined a group to meditate and it was then I began to note down what I saw, I know that when this happens it acts like a key to unlock further discoveries. I enjoy your writings here on wordpress, many fit in with thoughts I’ve had too.

    blessings Tai

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    • David says:

      As I’ve said Tai our symbols are ours alone and often have their roots in our own experiences or images seen along our personal journeys, which is where imagination has its root. It would therefore mean little to others, however grand or simple they may appear and therefore their showing would require deep exploring and explanation which often is beyond our own knowledge or recall of origin. I can only say that my own images are not available in any list, dictionary or encyclopedia since they are of my own creation, as I am sure your own will be to you. Just make sure you understand yours, but as with the Tarot the same card’s meaning can change between sitters! Love, David

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      • Yes, David. I concur with you that the same symbol may have a different significance for each of us. I am sure that those who use the Tarots in an intelligent way will have discovered this. That is why learning to see the future via Books is a non-sense… each medium will have his or her own way …. the main attribute is to possess the “Gift” and to use it the best way one can.

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