We have spoken about the Living Code, the only way to live for the Human Race to survive, but there are always, always at least two sides to any coin, to any view, depending on the way you look at it. We all know that two witnesses to an event will give two different accounts of the event. One of the many problems of policing!

As far as Social Media is concerned I can see the positive side of bringing people together, but there is another negative side which we are all aware of, but seem powerless to prevent, as it sinks its disempowering claws into the young, weak and helpless.

I have stopped going into Facebook for that very reason which I see as unnecessary for me as an instrument of connection with others, although members of my family still use it as something of an addiction, displaying their details on a daily if not hourly basis, giving vital information to others on their lifestyle, latest photos of children and location.

The others maybe, according to them, their social grouping of friends, work colleagues, neighbours and other family members, but also to those who are just waiting for the chance to jump on a seemingly insignificant snippet of information which they can use to plunder their assets in one of a multitude of ways.

Other friends of mine who share the same ideas, value their privacy, property and savings have also left that particular Social Media Site for others to enjoy, warning the family to take great care with the information and gossip they display for the world-and-his wife to see and use as they see fit for their own nefarious ends, despite the possible privacy safeguards.

I used to think that the most frightening aspect of the Internet in general is the ability of unscrupulous predators to groom and prey on the young, portraying themselves as kind and beautiful young people only wishing to connect for friendship, followed by …

Recently though I have become aware of the way the young, from as early as 10 years old show pictures of themselves on Social Media only to receive in return, from others in the same age range, the most soul destroying comments on their looks: from hair, colour of eyes, smile, size of ears, freckles and colour of skin, all of the most negative and hurtful comments which destroys their feelings of worthiness and general well-being leading to depression and often worse.

Needless to say they are loath to confess why they are so obviously depressed to their parents when the ones they thought were their friends and peers at school have denigrated them in such a hurtful way. We have evidence in the family that this has led to poor performance, self harming and attempts at suicide for which no reason can be found by those who care for them.

What has become of our society when those who we are trying to bring up as responsible adults are insulted and damaged in this way at such an early age?

I am not saying that children should be wrapped in cotton-wool but surely there is a limit to the way we bring up our children and the above only goes to show how far we have strayed from the Living Code of respect for others.

I am sure we are all aware of the Cheer Leader Groups of Pom-pom wielding Barbie lookalike girls in America who form power groups to which the other girls aspire to belong if only as sycophants! Excluding those who do not come up to their exacting standards of beauty, wealth, general appearance and vile thoughts about the rest of the human race!

We tend to follow so many of the social trends of America but I truly wish we did not go there in this instance.

You know what they say: if a child misbehaves and strays from the social norms of acceptable behaviour we should look to the parents for the reasons why!

Well yes, you can do this, and it may give some answers, but when the vile nature of some users spreads like a cancer on the Internet, on whatever social site, we need to be more aware of the toys that are given to children at such an early age and the controls which should be put in place to protect them from the ravages of the dark side of Social Media on the Internet.

Be aware: Forewarned is Forearmed to Protect your Children!
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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5 Responses to SOCIAL MEDIA

  1. Which are all the reason I never joined or ever intend to join FB.. Thank you for your thoughts David


  2. Thank you, David… for warning us against predators who use our Social Media in the worst ways.
    Although, I share your concerns, I have to confess that I find Facebook a rapid way of contacts when time urges.
    May I compare the Social Media to Alcohol? Remember that to take a few sips gives joy, but use too much of it and you become addicted and … sick.
    As with everything else on this Planet, let’s be frugal and use it all wisely.

    Love and Light.


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  3. taikunping says:

    I too would advise caution David especially on open websites, not only to the children but to all age groups, as there is vulnerability within all ages, especially the open hearted people, the innocents of the world. From what I hear about FB there are privacy settings that disable the viewing of profiles. I haven’t been a member there so don’t know the ins and outs but I’d always advise caution on social networking sites of any type.

    God bless and be safe

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