This is something of a timely warning
As we acknowledge the spring sowing
Now looking for reaping of the harvest
Of the crop fields far from the forest.

As we see the crops begin to grow
Do not pretend you did not know
That this could be the final year
Of genuine patterns to appear.

Ask yourself what is their cause?
Does their origin demand applause?
Or do they ask for your attention?
To ask if this could be Angelic action?

Every intelligence is of a Soul
As every human carries a Soul
So, every Angel has like you, a Soul.
Do not deny this part of the whole!

Unlike us who need planks and string
They only have to imagine the thing
However complex the pattern seems
From their consciousness it streams.

Crops are not pretty patterns to admire
They carry messages for you to inspire
It’s not down to your superstition
Nor is it of man’s own invention.

What’s for sure: it’s for your interpretation,
What do you make of it beyond its 3rd dimension?
The overriding message is clear, ‘we are here!’
‘You can’t see us, please be aware, we are near’.

What do you see beyond the pretty picture?
Is it reminding you, you’re already aware?
Does it give you the answer to your question?
Having the answer, what was your question?

Our consciousness connects with yours
We are here to help you, to open doors
Doors of the consciousness in your mind
If you can’t connect with us we will stop this kind.

This kind of physical attraction
Asking you to spur your mind to action.
We will withdraw for a thousand years
Until another generation has released its fears!
© David Tenneson – 2017


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6 Responses to CIRCLES

  1. taikunping says:

    interesting questions David, can there ever be an absolute answer…could it be that the the crop circles came to open up our awareness into new possibilities, new connections that arrive and tap into what some call the super-consciousness. Perhaps we become imprinted by the designs and this ushers in change to our DNA.

    will ponder on this
    love from Tai


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