Such a variety of meanings, from the Passion of Jesus the Christ to the strong feeling that one may have for another for love or sexual desire.
(When typing the word Jesus it came out as Jews, I guess W being next to E on the Qwerty Keyboard)

But that is exactly who he, and I prefer to call him Jeshua was, because I believe that was his Jewish name. I remember how on being told that his mother Mary was a Jew, a woman said, ‘Oh no, my little Mary was a Christian not a Jew!’ Wasn’t it Paul who first used the term Kristos meaning Christed from the Greek from which came Christian as we know it today and he had never met nor heard Jeshua speak?

He was however a passionate man and the best marketing manager to take a cult to a new religion, after his vision received on the road to Damascus converting him from Saul to Paul, which I do not doubt, as many have received visions before and since, though invariably discounted by the religious hierarchy until well after their earthly life and some even accorded the status of saint when finally accepted, with the right theological provenance of course. It begs the question, ‘how could that possibly be assessed by anyone at least 100 years after the passing?’

None of this goes against the obvious passion of many followers of their chosen faith, but what does concern me is that instead of respecting the same passion of others having chosen a different path to the Divine, they can so easily resort to violence to protect their own religion believing it to be the only true way and as in the Expulsion of 1492 when the Catholics in Spain gave the Jewish communities an ultimatum to convert to Catholic Christianity, be exiled or be killed! We take so long to learn the lessons that stare us in the face, do we not?

The thing which we humans have the greatest difficulty in understanding is that we were gifted with Free-will and still we ask God or the Logos to sort out our problems and often in our prayers say, ‘according to Your will dear Lord’.

I have to say that however passionate we may be, the Logos, having given us Free-will, will not take that away from us however much of a mess we get into, because it is our job to sort it out again. That is what human existence is all about, we live in a physical world, all that happens is physical, natural to which we have a lesser or greater input, in the grand scheme of things, and it is down to us to change and put right again if we are not happy with the status quo, or our own creations. It is the physical experience which the Silent Witness or the Soul is here to experience and certainly not any interference from the Logos to which it is permanently linked.

That ability to change is what, to me it’s all about, since the Divine Directive is for us to follow our Quest and to seek Happiness (With a capital ‘H’).

So, however passionate we may be about our relationship with the Logos we should understand that we are permanently connected to the Divine Logos and however passionate we are about a relationship here in this physical world, we should also understand that however much we want to make another happy our foremost task is to make ourselves happy first.

One of the ways of doing that is to recognise that link which we have through the Soul and that simple belief and acceptance raises the level of our consciousness to that which I call happiness. Of course, this is what is meant by happiness coming from within and not from without and to me it is what faith is all about, whether we practice directly or through an intermediary priest!

So, lets face it: try making someone else happy when you are miserable, wretched and verging on suicide, or to take it to another mundane example the same reason why we need to put on the oxygen mask first in an in-flight emergency and then help children and others ! You get the picture?

You could see this as having an element of selfishness in this directive and you would be right! Look again at that desire of yours to have a loving relationship with your partner and at the same time to follow the directive of finding happiness. You can perhaps appreciate the fine dividing line that you have to tread, almost a tight rope walk!

In current and past relationships for me, to which I am sure many will agree, there was a distinct balancing act going on that appeared to be beyond my control, or was it by an unconscious desire where, although I said you can’t hope to make someone else happy when you are feeling wretched yourself, it seems that the one feeling less sick takes over to help the other in a truly loving relationship, and don’t forget it is the same for them too!

It has to be said that as in true healing between two physical beings there is an unseen and unheard hidden interchange between the individual consciousnesses of those involved which we know now are the directors of healing energies. How often do you hear in a hands on experience, ‘how did you know to go to my back when I said that I suffered headaches?’ And the headaches are cured!

So, is this not the way of a loving and passionate relationship, rather than a partnership, so called where one has to be waited on hand, foot and finger, which we hear of so often in the media these days of 21st Century Slavery?
Be happy yourself first, yes, but with com-passion for your partner and for those around you!

On the other hand some of our friends argue all the time, but still seem to maintain a loving bond and we were told, ‘our arguments were the expression of our passion for one another’, which I doubt!

But I do have passions outside of our relationship, like gardening, making stuff, Piano, water colouring and DIY … and you?
And how do you feel about your current relationship?
May your Passions be all Love and Blessings for one another, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. taikunping says:

    many kinds of passion as you have said David, in all degrees, some appears constructive and some could appear destructive, even destructive passion seems to serve a purpose because it “shakes things up” and seems to at times bring out the compassion/higher purpose within humanity/within relationship…so large or small “passion” serves a purpose within the making/re-making of our world. Life is a balancing act, when passion comes forth/appears there’s a need to harmonise that which has been shaken and stirred to form something that works for those experiencing the great movement of energy that passion is.

    As you say the words of Christ don’t seem to be in keeping with his faith of his father/God but Christ like all of us had a physical body and the cry was probably one of absolute agony…in the end Jesus quietens and entrusts his spirit into God’s hands which is all anyone can do…to trust absolutely

    Love from Tai

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    • David says:

      As you say Tai, Jeshua was human, of that there is no doubt in my mind and we look to his consciousness to guide and to teach us. What concerns me is the passion that destroys us, one against another. In the wider view it may shake us out of our comfort zones and complacency, but at a cost that I find difficult to accept. Entrusting our Soul to the Logos is a foregone conclusion to an earthly life and like all fires the love of the Logos is all consuming and a love which every Soul longs to be with. Love, David


      • taikunping says:

        destruction often brings people together….to one whole, a gathering of energies and until people realise in general that we are all together in unity what we may see as “destroying passion” may continue to be aroused within the human consciousness…to all who are sensitive this is a feeling which can lower our energies, so it’s important that we make a contact and add our energies into the prayer/reconnection. When we gather together we can support one another through this, until this comes to an end and humanity realises that peace can exist both within and around and through our expression of heightened awareness and loving compassion.
        Love from Tai


        • David says:

          Indeed as in the different energies of togetherness that manifested during World War II and on the death of Diana Princess of Wales. One day we will understand the need to treat each other with respect and compassion. Love, David

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    • Yes, Dear Tai, I forgot to mention the VERY LAST WORDS of Jesus.. “In G.od I thrust.”
      The great problem I have with the recording of those “long” conversation of Jesus on the cross.. is that I wonder WHO could have been close enough to ear the words Jesus pronounced before dying.
      His family and Friends? I don’t think so for the Roman soldiers would never have permitted anyone, except other soldiers, to get so close to the crosses as to hear what the dying were saying to each other..
      Also Jesus spoke Aramaic not Latin, and we can not hope that one of the soldiers might have reported what he heard, translating and sharing it with Jesus’followers.
      Again I might crush some beliefs but I am convinced that the message of Love that Jesus is/was supposed to bring, is what matters most.
      It is very challenging, dear Tai, to separate the real Jesus from what some of his followers, Paul for instance, have made of Him.
      Some very brave theologian historians have started to compare the writings of the Bible with other Myths and were able to make a difference between Beliefs and Reality
      Faith is different for each of us and it takes the forms and the colours we attribute to it, that is why it is so difficult to share our Faith without imposing It as a foreign element to our Fellowman.

      I know that my way with English words is not easy to decipher, but I am sure, dear Tai, that you and many of those who read my replies, will be able to interpret what my messages are all about. Thank you.

      With love.


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      • taikunping says:

        it is indeed an interesting topic and an important topic Eugene and full of discoveries…what’s most important for harmony is to come to a working relationship together, no one thing can be seen in isolation, just part of the total picture. I guess there will always be some ideas that won’t work or don’t feel part of our own personal truth as we discover who we are in this lifetime.

        In the world of internet research there is much said about many topics, so it’s up to us integrate what we resonate with, and what seems to occur is an opening to inspect/decipher the information available, taking into regard that as we all learn information will change and what we believe in as truth will change.

        with love

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  2. As always David, you write with a Passion… And always you hit the mark with your content..
    One thing I wish those whose passions take them to think their own religion is the only one is to say this to them.
    They have forgotten the one great message within all religious text. And that is to LOVE Unconditionally.. Which often is lacking as it is overwhelmed by their love of ego and being right. Saying their way is the only way..

    When we embrace the passion within us, to love all others as we ourselves would wish to be treated.. then we may be half way to seeing a world creating a passion towards Peace..
    We have a ways to go, but we will keep up our own Passions of speaking our thoughts..
    We both know Preaching to others is only enforcing our passions upon others.. Free will is given us to choose..

    But I do hope people wake up to themselves soon.. And see what kind of energy/passion they are activating in the world.
    I hope they choose Love over Fear.. Choosing to make others happy rather than afraid.

    A great post again my friend
    In Love and Light
    Sue ❤


  3. Just this to clarify why I have used the Masculine to speak of the Logos… Unfortunately or not, the Logos being pure spirituality, we need to use anthropomorphic images to talk about Him/Her.
    Even calling ourselves the Children of the Father is some kind of a nonsense but is supposed to reassure us that He(She) will protect us as a good Parent does.
    So no sexism or racism can apply when we speak of the Upper Spirit.
    Thank you for understanding.



  4. Thank you, David. This post can certainly not be considered as an easy one to understand.
    I´m sure that many of your readers will react sternly and tell you off, because your words are threading where angels do not dare to go.
    We are, indeed, responsible for the way we live our lives… and no,(at least I don’t believe) G.od will run to our help because we have decided to commit suicide.The decision will be personal and for those who believe (or know) reincarnation this act could leave a trace which the Soul will have to wipe away during an other visit to the planet earth.
    Freewill is not simply a noun, it is a fact.. and you know that a fact …is more .. than…

    Yes, our Soul is part of the Logos.. the Soul is that spark that can illuminate the world or set it on fire.
    May I confess that I have always been horrified by the last (?) words of Jesus on the cross..
    “My G.od, my G.od, why has thou forsaken me?”
    This should show us that if Jeshua really pronounced these words, he certainly was human.

    I feel I should stop here and not confuse anyone any further, for I could be cursed by those whose faith I seem to want to crush. Faith is so personal and so strong that , if it is based on deep reflection, it does not fret superstition or false beliefs, but understands and only shares and never imposes.
    We are parts of the Logos, but with human spirits and bodies to permit us to show the Logos He was not wrong to permit us to prove that we are worth being called His children.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Love and Light to all.



    • David says:

      Jeshua must have been a rebel, as he said he came not to change the law but to fulfill it. Sadly those who followed him decided to do otherwise and continue to do so. It may seem as if our rebellious words are wanting to change the faiths of others, but our sole aim is to bring clarification bringing truth as you will know, we have been blessed to receive and I hope our readers will understand that. Love, David


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