What’s all the fuss about global warming?
You’d all think it was a brand new warning.
But here’s the thing: it’s all been done before
And will happen again as in days of yore.

Our own contribution? Now there’s a thought,
How did it happen before gas and coal
Before our gas guzzlers were made and bought
And we made the big ozone layer hole?

Oh come on! We made it all on our own?
We did dirty tricks and in our own town,
No doubt about it, but are we that strong?
Yes, we should come clean and sing a new song.

But, there are forces stronger than us in the sky
Strong enough, bright enough to blind your eye!
Spots and storms give a great display on the sun
We are strong, but it’s not all down to us my son.

Those spots and storms produce magnetic chaos
They can produce social media and radio ruckus.
They influence the Earth’s own magnetic fields
We see this as the shimmering Aurora yields.

In the past these cycles favoured certain life-forms
And maybe gave headaches for us human forms
Long before we knew that which was the cause
We put it down to a wrathful god or the First Cause!

We accept the Seasons by which we plant and sow
And reap the yield of Earth’s bounty, this we know,
But things we cannot see, over a much longer cycle
Remain beyond imagination and become magical.

The sunrise this morning assumed that proportion
Such colours and rapid changes defy description.
I marvel at the cycles that define this life on Earth
We are blessed to see both bounty and dearth!

All that happens is down to a physical existence,
Being willing we can get help in our persistence.
Help from the past and also from the presence,
Presence that sends Well-being for our acceptance.
© David Tenneson – 2017


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Devonian writer
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7 Responses to CYCLES

  1. With you, David,
    I marvel at the cycles that define this life on Earth
    We are blessed to see both bounty and dearth!

    Yes, indeed, we are blessed to see ..but do we see far enough to permit our children and their children to have the same opportunity?
    We know so much and still so little. Often our scientists have to guess about what is happening around us, and some even refute what their colleagues so “bravely” have discovered.

    Do well and don’t look behind you.. says a Flemish proverb, meaning that we have to do our own part of the job before we can blame others for not doing theirs.

    Thank you, David, for warning us and for making us aware that the time is near when all our efforts will be in vain. Caring and saving, Mother Earth, is a daily job… we can’t and should not stop the good work anymore.

    With Love and Light to you and to all those who are reading your post.



  2. Excellent David.. Yes we have warmed up, cooled down, been iced over, and flooded many times.. Yes our carbon footprints don’t help.. But then the cows on this planet contribute more, yet they are not taxed on it 😉 lol,
    All things are geared for the few to profit.. Mother Nature though is getting sick I am sure of all us humans digging, polluting her oceans, and air… And is adding a few of her own plumes in volcanic ash recently.. So I say beware Human.. For the next Cycle Mother Earth is already preparing for.. I doubt though many of us have been so preparing..

    Love and Blessings David… A great reminder and a great poem. ❤

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