There is much talk about finding ones Soul Mate, as if there is a partner out there who matches your persona, all of your likes and dislikes, desires and dreams!

Do you think that that is really possible?

For a start can you really know someone that well to see whether they match up to you in so many ways, to match you so completely that there will never be a cross word, disagreement or argument and that your life together will be a bed of roses from start to finish? If you have found such a partner you are much blessed!

It is said however that disagreements are a measure of the passion in any relationship – so long as you don’t sleep on an argument!

In our experience: the possibility becomes more and more available as wisdom begins to take over from the every day concerns of life when differences of opinion seem to matter more in the young who in general think they know it all. OK it may be said, in rare cases, that Old Souls are seen to have old heads on young shoulders, but in truth we are all Old Souls and it’s just that some are better at concealment than others!

We have mentioned in the past of the ancient Jewish analogue of the Great Fire like a huge bonfire being the Logos and the sparks that rise from it being the Souls on their journeys through the Universe and still retaining their connection with the Fire since they are the very same element or fabric of consciousness.

Hence the analogy brought to our physicality indicates that’s the single eternal element within each one of us, the Soul retains its connection to the Logos for eternity or until reabsorbed into the Logos itself, where each Soul yearns to be, after multiple lifetimes, consumed in that Amazing Grace, the Love of the Lord Logos.

Have you noticed that some of those sparks, the nearest we can come to an understanding with our limited vocabulary, seem to pop in the air above the bonfire and become two before they fly off into the midnight air and disappear, just like some of the fireworks we buy for our celebration of Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th November here in the UK?

Taking this fact one stage further when a Soul is created, is created!
(That duplication happened by mistake, or was it by a higher design?)
That Divine creation has in fact an immediate duplication since every Soul has a Twin which we could call, for want of a better name a Soul – Mate.

This duplication happened at the moment of creation and we have so far called it the twin of our Soul which is within us and our Guardian Angel which many have tried to accommodate by imagining that it exists in Heaven. I guess that we have to put it somewhere that is within our understanding of a suitable place for it to have its being. Have we not?

Unfortunately the understanding went a little astray by assuming it was in Heaven which is only where returning Souls yearn to be, within the immediate and ever present Love of the Logos and that the term Guardian was there to protect us from the baddies that might hurt us in some way outside of our Physical Universe and ability to protect ourselves here on Planet Earth.

Now when we consider our Physical make up we have to understand that the Logos is One and if we want to consider a Son then we must consider the only beings in our micro Universe with a Soul and Consciousness are us Humans and in my book that makes us en masse the Son including daughters as well. Which I guess would upset a number of readers out there, but we are impressed on good authority to be the truth.

When we consider us Humans: We have a physical Body, and within us is the Soul, the only eternal part of us permanently connected to the Logos and also a Consciousness which the Soul brought with it as a gift and is synonymous with the Mind and Spirit, which lives as long as the body lives. Those three elements of Body, Spirit and Soul make up the Trinity within us!

So where does our Soul Mate come into the picture?
It can only be the Guardian Angel better and more accurately to be known as Counsellor as you will see:

The Soul enters the embryo when it is capable of sustaining life and brings with it the gift of Consciousness or Spirit which is also in embryo form just like the Body and the Mind. The Soul remains as the Silent Witness and gives up the task of directing the Body to the young Spirit which has to learn just as we know our Mind has to learn. You could not expect the mind of a new born baby to understand Einstein and the same with the Spirit.

It is rare that the Soul finds the opportunity to bring information of any kind to help the Spirit which is very much on its own as it learns how to direct the life of the individual. But what if it is heading for unseen danger? This is where the Soul Mate or Guardian Angel dons it’s cloak of Counsellor, by bringing the intuition that it would be best not to continue on that path which would lead to danger.

Have you ever heard of an inexplicable change of heart, like deciding at the last minute to take a later flight only to hear later that the first plane of choice crashed with total loss of life?

You will no doubt ask, ‘so, where is this counsellor?’
The Soul is contained within the Body, until death gives it release, and its twin the Counsellor exists as the lasting link to the Logos in the same element or dimension of the Universe as you might imagine an Angel has its being, not encumbered by a physical existence and free to move as the term Angel or more accurately ‘Messenger’ implies.

I believe you get the picture! You can now understand why your Soul Mate already exists as the twin of your Soul and perhaps to understand the important message to know your prospective partner as much as possible before taking that leap into close partnership. It is said that when considering such a leap you have to be prepared to become vulnerable as the path of true love can be rocky!

Needless to say it behoves us all to try to reduce the rocks to gravel as much as we can to smooth our pathway to happiness. Some might call that wisdom but that’s just plain common sense isn’t it?
Be Happy with your Partner with Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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5 Responses to SOUL MATE

  1. Interesting David.. I think we are attuned to many souls whom we have an ‘attachment’ to, and it may not always be the reasons we associate with a Soul mate. 🙂 Lots of things come into play as to reasons we feel attracted to a certain person..

    I agree about Twin Souls… and our higher self is already in residence within those higher realms.. It depends upon how much of ‘our Soul self’ separated to incarnate here… I know you know of which I speak David.. putting it all into words as cleverly as you have done I can not do in a few words here.. 🙂

    Hope you are well… Unfortunately my hubby has been ill with a nasty cold virus these past few days… I hope you are now feeling much brighter..

    Love and Blessings my friend ❤


    • David says:

      So sorry to hear about your Hubby Sue and I hope he recovers very soon. I believe that all of our Soul incarnates here Sue and that other half is our true Twin will journey with us after this life finishes here, onwards to many more life experiences to be enjoyed by the Twins throughout eternity 🙂 Love, David 😀

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  2. taikunping says:

    Remembering back a little I remember saying to a close friend about sticking with my Beloved, the one who is a part of me, so perhaps what I’m saying is that if you can have a good relationship with yourself, a partnership with your very own Beloved then it helps to understand all Beloveds. I also remember a few years ago I was having one of those inner discussions concerning the same friend, I heard a voice saying “you are being too hard on ……..” that really made me listen, the voice appeared as the gentle Beloved giving advice , I guess when this happened it changed a part of me. So many Beloveds come into our lives, touching us, teaching us and enabling us to be aware of our wholeness.

    Something else comes to mind from a few weeks ago when I was listening to a YouTube of a past life regression at Findhorn. As part of the trip back it was suggested to find the time when you felt warmth, security, that time in life when everything was well. What I remember was being a child, in what appeared to be a cottage in the country, looking into the flame of the open fire, merging and passing upwards with the flame into the outside world and looking around, moving free in the air being a part of everything.

    And yes I’ve heard so much about soulmates and twin flames since arriving online, not a concept I’d heard before but have found the material fascinating. The online communities allow us to reach out and connect with so many who in day to day we would never meet. I feel grateful to have met so many beautiful souls

    Thank you for all you share David
    with love


    • David says:

      Bless you on your journey Tai and there is no doubt that we will all meet those other Souls who seem so like minded, so like us that we will share and learn from thus enriching that journey and so may it continue for you. Love, David

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