It has ever been so,
But not in form we know.
Darwin’s children wild and free
From first on the trunk of the tree?

We share so much with other branches,
But ours is unique despite your hunches.
Yes, we grew from that very first branch
All changing like the herds on a ranch.

We were like the many other mammals
Suckling young in the first annals
In many respects also in instinct
To begin with, unable to think.

Only to follow others in haste
Picking wild fruits for their sweet taste
Finding anything to stay alive
Grass seed, water weed, honey from the hive.

Following others to kill for food
We fed our family and our brood.
As the proteins enabled us to grow
Our brains became big enough to know.

A body strong enough to stand tall
Tall enough to house a Soul and call
A brain big enough to house a mind,
Mind and Spirit are one in our kind.

Only at that point could we recognise
That we were able to become wise,
That we were able to see who we were.
We were able to think and consider!

If you are still searching for the link?
Do stop your looking and do not think,
Your own history is lying within
Where you will find it without lookin’!
© David Tenneson – 2017


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2 Responses to FINDING the LINK

  1. Thank you, David, I do share your thoughts about the LINK … but, as you so rightly say, what does it matter!! Are we so afraid having to come to terms with who we were and forgetting who we are?
    Why was it so hard to believe Darwin and his observations, why can’t we accept how our World started and what we made of it today?
    It may be nice to know who our ancestors were but does that give us any prerogatives?
    No, it’s not who they were or what they did but what WE are today that matters.
    You are so right when you tell us :
    “Do stop your looking and do not think,
    Your own history is lying within
    Where you will find it without lookin’!

    Love and Light to you and all those who will read your post.
    With Love,

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    • David says:

      Many thanks Eugene. I do believe that the past serves a purpose but as you say it is the now that is so important and I do believe that it is in that special moment that the Divine manifest for us. Love, David

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