We’ve spoken about patience, but how many of us fail to appreciate the need to give stuff time to mature, to come to fruition and manifest? So I’m wondering if it could be a sin in the process of having learnt the lesson, we could be happy in that interval of time in the expectation of a happening?

I’m thinking here of the work done in the autumn knowing that nothing would be forthcoming until the following spring and leaving all to the process of nature to take its course. So, when the time approaches and the first shoots appear above the ground we feel that surge of expectation, hoping that the work we did will show in the way we projected, expected and joyfully desire.

Of course there is the only wives tale that a woman master of the house cannot grow parsley, Why? Because she can’t wait for it to appear and is always digging to see where it’s got to, thus disturbing the roots and killing the plant!

Be that as it may: There is no doubt that true happiness manifests in the mind as an exalted level of consciousness, in other words within! But in the joy of getting hands dirty during the planting process, the expectation of the result and even the deadheading of the browning blooms, happiness takes on an outer persona.

So it’s not just about the inner workings of the mind, consciousness and spirit save for the awareness of the final manifestation of that essential elevation of the consciousness, which is true happiness for sure.

You see, this is different from thinking that something outside of you will bring you happiness. It is your participation in the action, that small journey in which you are physically involved which makes the essential difference in bringing joy to you rather than expecting some one or some thing outside of you to bring you that joy. You see the subtle difference? Whatever you believe your Action is required!

In the manifold methods to ward off the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s we need to exercise both the body and the mind. Rather than struggling with the clues of crosswords which could also bring frustration, (Try the Quick Crossword) what better way to exercise the mind than with as many pastimes as possible without setting the bar too high for yourself. Action!

As above one of my passions is gardening and has been since a child, encouraged by a loving parent to grow-our-own as much as possible. Today we have a postage stamp of fertile ground and a few scattered pots, rather than the many thousands of square metres of the past, now with as many herbs as possible, but mainly perfumed plants and pretty flowers. Colour coordinated of course!

Alongside this there are other passions which go along with property including DIY surrounding the gardens, a passion for making things such as furniture, a remnant from the hobby of renovating antiques of the past, painting in water colour, piano, poetry and prose, and cooking from the days as a chef.

I can recommend having as many diverse interests as possible so that the mind has the opportunity to maintain all of the necessary pathways to accommodate all of your passions , hobbies and interests, everyone of which brings its own fruiting branch on the tree of happiness and helps to maintain the multitude of essential connections in the brain. Actions!

As far as patience is concerned this process is not about waiting for something, it is in fact about the time taken to build the foundation in the brain of those convoluted corridors of consciousness. A bit like building a fortress to withstand the onslaught of an unwanted invader with all its rooms for each interest and the secret passages between them. Which only you know. Inner Action!

This might take time if you have just one interest, especially if you need to let go of the one you have, say when you first retire and you have to generate new interests if you only have a career interest of the past that filled your head which no longer exists. It is important to get on the roundabout of divisions like the simple children’s roundabout divided like a cake that needs a push to get it going. Action!

You are the one to give that push and it is your task to fill each one of those cake slices with a new interest and this is where patience comes in as you take your time to find all of those new things to generate into passions. The fact that you are searching for these interests is sufficient for now. Searching is Action!

When you stand and look at the roundabout in your mind’s eye, you stand still to view the first slice with your first passion and with a gentle push the second slice comes round to show your second interest and so on round the roundabout. You might like to concentrate on a cake cut in two or three or four, but don’t get stressed – just as many as you want, understanding that others may come along in the future, growing out of those already chosen, bringing joy to your once again re-expanding mind. Essential Action!

Remember that it is your choice and may even be an interest from your youth which is yours to regenerate, it’s down to you and no disgrace to choose something from your childhood. Your secret? It is your choice to choose and your story to tell if you so wish or to keep it all secret. How important is that inner action?

Another important part of Patience is the patience some have to walk or run the treadmill and lift the weights in a sweaty gym which was never a habit in which I indulged. Having said that, it cannot be denied that exercise of the body certainly benefits the whole including the brain, enabling the blood flow to reach parts which otherwise would not reach! Better by far to do it out in Nature. Patient, absorbing, energising Action in Nature!

With age and the onset of a complaining corpus the arthritis, although manageable, has reduced activity to walking for about 30 minutes or so, two to three times a week, so for now that is the subject of my physical exercise apart from the DIY or falling off my pencil! Could that be classed as work, exercise or just plain carelessness. Whatever, it helps lead me to happiness and that joyful level in the consciousness! Inner and outer Action with Patience.
Have Patience leading 2 Happiness, Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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7 Responses to PATIENCE Part 2

  1. randyjw says:

    A lovely set of interests, and you’re so right about the need to do. It’s like the differences between giving and receiving, where doing is giving.


  2. A wonderful post David.. One that speaks volumes to my self. 🙂 And walking, keeping our Limbs moving helps oil those creaking joints.. 🙂 I bet your garden is now sprouting with new growth of spring delights.. Its lovely to see the colour come again into the garden.. My miniature daffodils are out as are primrose and crocus. 🙂 Wonderful.. The birds too are gathering nesting materials..
    Sending Love to you and Eugene my friend.. It was lovely to have Eugene visit recently.. Many thanks again David for your presence and energies..
    Love Sue 🙂


  3. taikunping says:

    eloquent writing David, and yes I agree….when we have interests which we feel passionate about we are flowing with our energy soul. In the last year I’ve taken up jewellery making, I love crystals and wood, so I’ve mainly worked with beads, gemstone and wood which I find online… I’ve added silver findings to create earrings and necklaces…it’s taken my meditation and dreams a stage further, a great hobby for winter. Now spring is here the garden is pulling me into action, the other day we went and bought seeds, sweet peas are a favourite flower. I remember my grandfather growing rows of them in his garden when we lived next door, it was such a pleasure to walk along the rows and bring flowers in for my gran to decorate and bring fragrance inside the house. One of my other interests is growing orchids 🙂 with love Tai


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