What is the Creator?
You might say the Maker
Of all there is that we know,
But are we sure it’s all on show …?

To this limited perception?
Limited to this dimension!
Some would call Creator Source
Of all there is? Of course!

Then there is the Logos,
My favourite in the cosmos.
Names used are not Creator’s
But ours the simple makers.

Then there are those with courage
But in my book not much sense
To suggest we are God to hedge
Their claim, seems just dense!

Well, to say we are Divine
Can you turn water into wine?
Or form a Galaxy or Universe,
When we all end up carried in a hearse?

Missing the point, or what?
Only compared to what we know
Which in the grand scheme is squat!
We can’t compare to the grand show.

Logos is greater than the sum of its parts
Even if admitted we are one of those parts.
There is only One Divine whatever we call
Only one part of us is connected at all!
© David Tenneson – 2017


About David

Devonian writer
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6 Responses to CREATOR

  1. Excellent David.. Yes in the grand scheme of things we know squat.. LOL.. We have a long way yet to travel. but so long as we keep learning and moving forward..
    Blessings to you
    Sue 🙂


    • David says:

      LOL indeed Sue … keep smiling, keep laughing, best medicine ever, so why do we for ever dissolve into miniscule misunderstanding ending up in argument. Good hugging and making up though! 😀 Love, David

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  2. Thanks David. As you know I like to quote you and here are the verses that touched my soul :
    Logos is greater than the sum of its parts
    Even if admitted we are one of those parts.
    There is only One Divine whatever we call
    Only one part of us is connected at all!
    I do believe our souls are sparks of the Great Fire that is the Logos and the Nirvana that Buddha mentioned without more precision, is melting back and be part of the Great Fire again.
    I know many of those who will read this will be appalled for it is one of human’s glorification to exist for ever … that’s what the Myths diffused by the Great Religions are all about.
    ” One day MEN will be like G.OD for ever and ever “… that’s what Paradise is about for too many of us.
    The issue, for me at least, is to LOVE HIM so much that we accept to disappear in HIS LOVE.

    Unfortunately, being humans we can only use what we know best and even abuse of metaphors and anthropomorphic comparisons when we speak about what is spiritual.

    Thank you, David, for permitting me to share my thoughts with you and others while using your posts as a background.

    Love and light to you and all who will read your post.


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  3. taikunping says:

    all good questions David, what I see from your verses is a melting pot, there’s a roundness in the shape of the two latter’s like the questions are bubbling in the pot…very thought provoking
    love from Tai

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