For many young at heart the main emphasis in life is on the next date and why not and for many reasons! For the human race as a whole there is a piece of software written in to our raison d’etre to expand our horizons, to follow our dreams, to find happiness and to increase the Human Race.

The expansion of the Race, which used to occur at a very young age, due to the expected life span being so short compared to today, now the age of giving birth gets higher and higher to the delight of some and the horror of many!

Then for others: it is not so much about sex and parenthood, but more concerned with love in its highest sense, sharing, companionship and the antidote to loneliness. For us there was an attraction on a higher plane than anything physical, not to say that we did not like what we saw, neither was it religious, but more of spiritual attraction and a knowing that it was meant to be.

No soul mate issue since that is already existing and another subject to discuss! So, whoever you are with, please be nice to each other!

This attraction occurred on a date when one had already retired and the other was about to, having both agreed that we wondered how on earth we had time to go to work as every moment of our lives was and is taken up with teaching, healing and the concerns for others.

It seems that the emphasis for times and dates has changed over the years, as our working lives were concerned with appointments, meetings, journeys of 30,000 miles a year and that was just by car, so that diaries were full of entries on every page when even weekends lost their meaning.

Today the priorities have changed again since as one lady said many moons ago ‘marriage is like measles, something you should get over early in life’, and the offspring now have families of their own. So that it has changed from creating life to trying to stay alive as healthily as possible, to help others to do the same and still the weekend has no meaning since the routine is of necessity, daily.

Of course the basic emphasis should be on exercising the body and mind, something which we are both notoriously bad at. Despite knowing what’s best for us and all good intentions, the mind is no problem, but the physical fails on a regular basis and causes a restart when we realise that we have missed an essential appointment with ourselves!

This is despite having tried Yoga, Jogging, Dancing, Tai Chi, Yomping, and now Walking, trying to set dates is impossible since so much, if not all depends on the state of the body on the set day and of course the demands of others.
(Yomping = Power Walking as exemplified by the Marines when crossing the Falkland Island in the conflict with Argentina in 1982)

However, though it may seem that life is deteriorating, quite the contrary, dating may have changed in reason and venue, but life is extremely busy with extended families and grandchildren, a passion for natural beauty, a continuing healing ministry – albeit long distance now, music and of course the inevitable DIY which goes along with the ownership of property! Yeah! And I love it.
So many opportunities thrown up on almost a daily basis to prove that we have what it takes through the many gifts and talents at our disposal.

Communication with others via this medium, the telephone and Skype gives us the opportunity to connect with others, without nearly as much contribution to the CO2 and global warming as before since the mileage has reduced from the 30,000 to under 3,000 per annum. We also have solar panels to reduce our reliance on power stations and of course the inevitable compost heap, wanting to be green, with just a postage stamp of a garden.

With only a year under our belt since moving back to England, we feel that there is another lifetime of connection ahead of us and this years resolution is to make those dates for physical exercise to stick, come what may! Thus hopefully increasing the likelihood of meetings, connections and communication with others of like interest and mind.

Trying to practice what we preach we can but impart what we believe to be the best way forward cognisant always that, as with the doyens of diets, it may be just the thing for us, but we would not presume to recommend what we do to the world at large. Since we are well aware that we all need to be our own detectives to find what best suits us from the multitude of recommendations at large in the media and on the Internet.

Having read that there is a recommendation that Breakfast is not, after all, the most important meal of the day, we beg to disagree and can only tell you what the King of the Breakfast Bar prepares for us each morning:
Prepared in advance 2kilos of sweet apples, peeled and sliced, with fennel seed or star anise, mint and turmeric with a little vanilla sugar, simmered together until just cooked. Decanted when cool into four or five small boxes and frozen for future use.
COOKED: A spoonful of the apple compote on a broken wheat biscuit with:
FRESH: Sliced banana, peeled and segmented Clementine, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, green and/or black grapes and sliced Kiwi fruit. (At least 4 of what’s in season or in the fridge)
NUTS: Walnuts & almonds – always.
SEEDS: Pumpkin, mixed dried fruit, sunflower, sesame and freshly ground linseed – always.
DRIED/ CRYSTALLISED: Mango, pineapple, guava, ginger, pitted dates, sultanas – whole or finely sliced, all or some as the mood takes the maker.
SPRINKLES: Desiccated coconut and ground cinnamon – always.
TOPPING: Plain yogurt, flavoured drinking yogurt or semi-skimmed milk – with or without drizzles of honey, agave syrup or T & L syrup – as the fancy takes us.

It’s a date every day except one and works for us! Maybe for you too?
This is one of the most important dates for us and the other is the appointment we make with ourselves every day and that is for True Meditation (Not TM since all meditation is transcendental) or as we say HPT. (Our Highly Precious Time)

As for that nebulous weekend the only date is a non-date with no lunch at all, when on our own, to give everything a rest. Except of course when the family meets up when all could be thrown into chaos expecting the traditional Sunday lunch or a Carvery, but that’s OK as a change, not expected by the body, from the usual routine is great for the digestion and easily compensated for if you so wish, ever on a Sunday or one day in the week!

Oh! One last treat: We do however make the day of exception a Sunday and a bit special apart from our spiritual practices, the Breakfast Bar King swops his Jars of goodies for a frying pan and an intuitive recipe as follows:
2 x eggs separated and whisked independently.
25% wholemeal flour – intuited.
75% buckwheat flour – intuited.
Vanilla sugar – intuit to taste
All ingredients blended and whites folded in last.
Frying pan heated and small amount of Coconut oil to ease.
Small ladle to measure for each pancake.
Usually makes a stack of about 14 beautiful Pancakes.
The gorgeous things are taken one by one from the stack and topped with one or two of the following:
Bramble Jelly, Orange Marmalade, Agave Syrup, Honey, Lemon Juice.
My favourites are the last two.
Any leftovers are saved until Dinner Time, since lunch is excluded on Sunday, so in the evening we have a pudding of Pancakes with vanilla or mint- choc-chip ice cream. Did I forget to mention that we live like lords?

Oh one last event!
In winter we occasionally have porridge topped with blueberries and raspberries with a drizzle of honey and semi skimmed milk.

Do I sense mouths watering? I know mine is just remembering!!
Enjoy your Dates, with Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to DATING

  1. Yes, dear Folks, enjoy your dates with Life… we sure do, as David so nicely recounted.
    No questions about the fact that we have to be our own body detectives (and spirit as well),
    for it is true that no fad diet is convenient for everybody, whatever some authors may say.

    And no we are not all equal in front of daily food, so we have to be realistic and try to find what best suits our body.
    We know now which vitamins are good and where to find them, so it is up to us to investigate while keeping an open mind about Nature and its numerous facets.

    Mother Earth is a good mother even to her rebellious children, and we know how ungrateful we can be. She sure deserves our TLC.

    Have a good daily Date with Life.
    With much Love and much Light to you all.


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    • David says:

      Well, well, Mr V,
      Another great comment I am having an early Birthday, not!
      Seriously, thank you so much, as usual for your clear echo. Love, David


  2. taikunping says:

    a favourite breakfast of mine in the winter too David, the porridge with almond milk is delicious, I use different toppings but usually goji berries, cranberries or fresh blueberries, in the summer with strawberries, raspberries or chopped apple from the garden. I’ve been trying out lots of different types of honey on the porridge, I’ve found a few favourites, one is raw Welsh heather honey. The other food/drink I found recently is baked organic kefir, delicious in small amounts and organic cocoa nibs sprinkled on coconut yoghurt. I’ve found that as hubby and I age we are finding different foods to suit us and that we need more regular exercise. We both love walking and cycling in the countryside. We took out a yearly subscription to the Dorothy Clive Gardens and have enjoyed mornings out with a visit to the cafe there, delicious cakes and teas….life is an adventure which keeps changing and establishing new and blessings, Tai

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