In plain sight
For all to see as light,
But most deny and find
Themselves to be blind.

We are the Link!
What did you think?
That something other
Was the missing link
A long lost ancestor?

It’s yours to access
But not to assess
For it is beyond quality
In boundless quantity.

You are all your own
In danger of being alone
Your own blind assassins
Like raisin bread minus raisins.

An empty mind
To all intents blind
Without its reason
Spiritual treason!

Some speak of denial
Or put themselves on trial
And purge by self mutilation
The scourge of flagellation.

With every other thought
Instead of doing what they aught
They deny all sense and logic
Consign the obvious to magic!

Believe what stares us in the face
The Child of God is the Human Race
We are the only ones with consciousness
The only ones whose quest is happiness.

These words are never adequate
And seldom approach or equate
To the Mind with which we Link
Through every thought we think.

But think we must
Conscious thought, just
Thinking, wanting more
The expansive power, the core.

Seeing the Universe expanding
It is our only reason for being
We are the Link through thinking
With each other Linking.
© David Tenneson – 2017


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Devonian writer
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