Following the Poem ‘Being’, it’s fair to say that a word of explanation would not go amiss!
There is no doubt you may have caught the one word missing, but save that ’till later quoth he! Mysteriously? Well, shall we say: quite the opposite to the gist of rhymes, but necessary nevertheless in order to facilitate the object of any desire through the breath, a demise through any stretch by this or previous quotation.

Yes, through my will I bequeath to you the secrets of the Masters as we know them now, but it begs the question: were they aware at the time, in their time, of the status which we would bestow upon them?

Are we so in awe of their words, like as not maybe spoken, but never written by them and only transcribed by their followers and can we be certain that all was heard and scribed as said? Is it any wonder that there have arisen so many cannons and gospel from the depths of time when we only have to listen to the many onlookers, all witness to the same event to hear their differences?

But I digress!
There is a mental anomaly common to most of us where however much we want something the mind throws up reasons why we cannot have it, why it won’t work or how impossible our desire was in the first place.

Well, I won’t keep you guessing any longer and hope you have found the missing word which, implied in the last paragraph, is ‘resistance’!

You see most of us do this all the time … our minds get great joy out of giving us the obstacles to completion! It could come from the programming of the human brain which we have carried forward through many generations as a means to sort out the whys and wherefores to get our plans in place, which we can see on the drawing board of the mind as to whether they will work or not, before we put them into action to certain failure or the reasonable chance of success. Bearing in mind of course that nothing is ever finished!

Being an artistic type I tend to spend 95% in thought and planning and the remaining 5% in action! However, the fact remains that a certain lack of confidence over certain issues can result in worry and a finding of more reasons why failure is imminent, called, you could call this, chronic resistance!

Which in my case is very strange, since I have been gifted with many talents and am truly grateful that I am capable of achieving so much. The most perfectly complementary gift of this life has been my joining forces with my better half whose own gifts compliment my own and together we make one good and gifted person. How lucky is that?

Having been through the action of proper deep breathing to realise so much in this existence, as usual the most difficult task is in the re-programming of the mind in order to allow, as opposed to always resisting, anything that life itself throws up for us to manage.

Now, this is where we need, in that reprogramming of the mind, to take account of the change in our appreciation of obstacles. As I always say there is no such thing as a difficulty only an opportunity. These opportunities often come thick and fast for us to prove that the talents we have been gifted are there to show that we are quite capable of coping, overcoming and allowing, or surmounting if that’s what you prefer to call it, anything that comes our way.

Don’t set the bar too high my friends, it’s no good thinking that if your leg gets amputated you can grow a new one, but that opportunity gives you the chance to prove that you can live a full life in that situation.

Those of us with a positive outlook on life have the advantage and I have to say that if we look carefully enough we can all find a positive side to any otherwise event seen as negative.

So keep breathing is the greatest piece of wisdom I offer you today:
I can attest that minor ailments, such as headaches I have been able to allow to fade away and I certainly feel that the sure way to maintain my connection with the Divine Lord Logos is through the breath, which I commend to you all.

You will all be aware of the cosmic radiation which is unseen and unfelt, but can permeate and pass into the human body and if you imagine that your connection with the Logos is just as cosmic in nature, all it requires is for there to be no resistance, but to recognise and to allow your connection as many times as you can in any day.

The only difference is that with your Free-will you can refuse it if you so wish. This choice is one of the secrets of Consciousness!
To Breathe or not to Breathe?

If you thought that your Physical body was separate from your Consciousness, Mind and Spirit, think again for you are in this physical world connected, if you wish, continuously with the Logos through your Soul, body and mind together.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Beautiful words for today, thankyou x much love David x barbara


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