(This year above any other year is all about Total Beingness)
To be
There is no question
If like me
A hesitation?
But no, we be.
Whether we like the notion,
We be!

Our being
From the beginning
Is all about breathing.
Without it we are not living,
But more than living
There’s more than airing
More than breathing …

There is accepting,
There is allowing,
There is connecting
Through good breathing.
There is, in good, believing
In the One and only living,
Divine Being.

Are you in or out?
Without it
You are without.
You exist,
But if it is missed
In your being,
You are but nowt!

It is essential
To scratch the itch
In the world, living
Without which
You are nothing
So what can ail you
Perhaps the owlet’s scritch?

There is nowt without
You, only believing.
For you be truly living
Only when accepting
Only when allowing
Linking through breathing
With The Inner Being.
We be in Devon being!
© David Tenneson – 2017


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to BEING

  1. So pleased you are enjoying BEing in Devon too David… and I am enjoying BEing here inside of my little creative world too..
    Loved your poem.. xx Enjoy the milder air to come.. 🙂


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