As Narcissus oh so loved himself
So I love the narcissus myself.
His own reflection inspired his love
But his love contained as hand in a glove.

But my love is naturally inspired
As they show from down below quite transpired
From below the warming of the spring soil
Nature’s reward for our Autumnal toil?

Poor Narcissus fell into the mere
Echo devastated, loved him clear,
Spent her days in a cave dejected
Listening to her own voice reflected.

My love is for all that nature issues
Emerging bouquets of floral tissues.
Now they are beginning to show themselves,
Brought to life, I muse, by the earthly Elves.

All so fragile and yet so strong we know,
Withstanding the wind, rain, hail and snow,
Such colours dancing in the frigid breeze
While the rest of us simply stand and freeze.

They bring a joy, and our hearts are entranced
Reflections clear and all are enhanced.
They say that happiness begins within
So love all your reflections and begin.

Begin a new life, your reflected glory
Realise who you are and live your story.
Listen not to the preachers of gloom
And believe not in your own dire doom.

An ending is the start of action
So look forward without contraction
A new life beckons for you to love
The answer, reflected from above.

Reflection, yes, to your vibration,
What’er you think is your motivation,
Bringing exactly your replication.
So think with care your desired reflection!
© David Tenneson – 2017


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to REFLECTION

  1. Dear David,

    Bravo and thank you. How true your poem reads for, and I quote you :

    Begin a new life, your reflected glory
    Realise who you are and live your story.
    Listen not to the preachers of gloom
    And believe not in your own dire doom.

    When you planted the Narcissus bulb deep into the ground, one could have thought that you berried it for good. But then, when Spring shows its young face, the Narcissus comes out in full glory and humans admire Nature’s miracles.
    These thoughts brought in parallel our own cycles of live and death. We are very much like the narcissus, we are born, we bloom, we wither and then we “seemingly” die until OUR next Spring comes along and the cycle starts again.
    Believing in Reincarnation helps to understand the recurrent cycles of Life on Earth and know how important each story is for it is THE story we have to live.
    No, we should not listen to the preachers of gloom… Death is not the end of Life … it’s Soul’s way of resting and regaining strength for a new journey on this planet.
    We believe that each new life reflects the Glory of the Logos because we are part of IT and that part NEVER dies… it only is a time of hibernation.

    Thank you, David, for reminding us who we are and why we came here for.

    With love and light to you and all who will read your post.



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