The Living Code is the only way to live, if we intend to continue as the Race of Mankind. If we insist on proceeding as we are we will not only continue to kill off other species, but also annihilate the human race itself, before even we have had time to design a spaceship to take us into the far reaches of the Universe to find somewhere else to plunder and begin the same process all over again if we do not change.

We are besotted with Earth and are intent on finding just such another planet to continue our death spiral yet again. So why cannot those in power see the need to change? It may come to the point where we will all be consumed in a dying Earth and therefore the way would then be open for us to be reincarnated in another form enjoying another planet, another atmosphere, another sun or two!
Perhaps that is the only way forward for us to begin to adhere to the Living Code.

The one thing that seems to be missing in my view right now is respect!
Across the board there is no respect. We seem to have forgotten how to teach our children to respect their parents, to respect their teachers, to respect authority of all kinds, to respect those of other countries, colours and faiths.

With the migration of the young to the metropolis in search of money and a better life there is no contentment in the land, livestock or nature. With this trend there is a splitting of families and whereas in the past the Living Code allowed generations of families to remain close and support one another, the Code allowed grandparents and grandchildren to bond and respect one another, but this has disappeared.

Is it any wonder that the sin of greed or lust after wealth has led us down this steep and slippery path to envy, disrespect and hatefulness? Is it any wonder then that we still wage war to get what we think we want, but which, of course, only engenders more and more war as if it was this that we lusted for?

There is an answer, as there is an answer to the most pressing problems of the human race. Sadly it will take more than one generation for there to be any hope of an answer and we all know what that answer is for it is within us all, but who has the strength and the courage to admit to it and to allow it to change their attitude to the problems, which face us all?

Of course they are not problems at all, they are, all of them, opportunities!
Opportunities for us to prove who we are, to show that we are made of the right stuff, that we do have the strength to change and that the Living Code is alive and well within us all.

The human race is so diverse and I believe that our strength lies in our difference, if only we had the nous to respect it! Is it any wonder then that there are so many different pathways to that which I call the Lord Logos, but you may call Logos, God, Father, Allah, Jehovah or some other term for the Divine of which there is only the One whichever name we speak.

Whichever path we may choose, within every faith there are different petty rituals and ways to pray just to proclaim and sustain that difference, each proclaiming that theirs is the one and only way. Which in one simple way only serves to separate us! Difference was designed to respect and bring us together.

There is no need to change our faith or the way we see the Logos merely for us all to respect the way that others follow their own pathway to the Divine.

In that last act of respect lies the greatest challenge to the human race. If you ask any woman or man in the street they will probably tell you that they get on well with those of a different faith who live next door or in the community at large. It is only when you get to the level of the fanatics and often the intermediaries of all faiths that the problems surface with the leaders doing their best with interfaith group and shared prayer meetings to bring us back together.

Has it always been the same?
It is time now for a change in the mentality, the attitude and our respect to bring about a cosmic change back to the Living Code. After all this is the way forward if you are intent on following the Path of the Ascension Process, the Ascension of Mankind into a more spiritual way of Living, by the Living Code.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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7 Responses to THE LIVING CODE

  1. Excellent David… Yes said that we spend so much time energy and money exploring space to find an alternative home.. Yet we continue to destroy this wonderful haven of Gaia who nurtures us with her breath, her water and her medicines..
    Sad that we can not see the signs… or see the living Codes she shares with us daily..

    A remarkable piece David.. I believe many now are coming together in realization to these facts.. Seeing the way forward is not through separation.. But in coming together in Unity..

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend.. and Lovely to see Eugene’s comment also xx 🙂


  2. Beautifully said David… much love barbara x


  3. Thank you so much, David, for reminding us.. once again.. that we are brothers and sisters and that Earth and Nature have been put at our disposal for our growth not to show how well we can destroy things and still pretend it is for the best of everybody.
    Yes, it is a pity that families have chosen to split and live often estranged from one another. We have become individualists to the core and who has money even buys an island to be as far as possible from the fellow man.
    It is a strange phenomena that we gather money in view of moving to other planets but we can-t find a way to save our own Planet. Is it that, as so often happens for little children, we have disdain for what has become too common to us and we need an even greater challenge?

    Maybe it is in man’s nature to wander .. May that’s why a few hominids have left their corner of Africa and wandered and populated the rest of the World. Emigration too has been in our blood and for those who have lived their whole life under their church tower, we only have some kind of a denigrating feeling.

    But whatever the reasons, whatever the argumentation we might bring forth to justify our actions, we should know that we are part and thus responsible for what is happening to our human race and also to all the rest that Nature so freely has allotted us for yet so long.

    With love and light to ALL of us.. whether small or great, poor or rich, dumb or intelligent…for we are all responsible and entitled to play the part we have come for on this Planet.



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