Why are you where you are right now?
Part of the quest for happiness is being happy where you are.
As with all things concentrate on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Concentrating, lamenting and feeling disappointed in your current placement is not the way to improve or change it to what you do want.

The Universe will only respond on the impressions, vibrations and desires which you truly want in your life and that applies to every aspect of your life including work and relationships.

However, the temptation is to look outside of yourself to seek fulfilment of your desires, whether it be in a new partner, a new property or a new or improved work position.

It is said that the lesson of history which is never learnt is the lesson of history.

It could also be said that this applies to us as well. We keep making the same mistake time after time in believing that we will find happiness outside of us in something or someone that will make us happy.

Of course, and if you are old hands at reading these posts, you will know by now that to change anything we must start with ourselves.

Not so easy you may say thinking of regretting the place where you live. But consider this: No doubt you were party to the decision to accept the placement of your current domicile. Or maybe in your circumstances it was a gift you could not refuse, like a Grace & Favour flat or a Council house at a rent you could afford or did you have to stay on with Mum and Dad for a bit longer than you wanted?

Perhaps you found a calling and decided to join a religious community with just a small cell to call your own apart from the communal spaces both inside and outside where you could enjoy the company of others in the same brother or sisterhood.

Whether you like where you are or not, you were gifted with many talents, some of which you are aware of, but I guess some may have slipped by your waking consciousness.

Lets scan just a few:
The greatest gift for me, who always wanted to help others, was the gift of healing which took me a while to recognise, but even if you have not considered it let me say that the beginning of healing is the simple act of being able to listen.

A problem shared is a problem halved!

If you are able to listen to another’s troubles you will help them enormously which may not be apparent to begin with, but over time you will become their true friend and enable them to begin their own self healing.

We have spoken in the past of the benefits of HPT or the Highly Precious Time of True Meditation (See recent reposts on Concentration, Focus, Visualisation, Solution, Relationships, Healing in Nov/ Dec 2016) If you can practice this and introduce it to others it will bring you and them untold rewards.

In this process you will be placed in the right place, but if you are still unhappy and movement as such is not immediately possible then you have the greatest tool at your disposal … yes, it is to change what is inside of you, how you view what is out there and how it affects you, how you feel about stuff and to realise how grateful you are for everything which is provided for you by your own efforts , the generosity of others or simply your lot in life.

There are so many things to be grateful for and if you ever consider writing a list of the pros and cons of your life, your feelings and beliefs I promise that when you become truly tuned in to your life and your placement the pros will soon outweigh the cons and over the years, if like us we could write a book on how, although going through the mill so to speak, we have been able to see the good from the bad, the positive from the negative and the light from the darkness. How else would we be able to tell the difference?

Remember that it is the difference that defines us and makes us One together.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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