152 & COUNTING (This Glorious Life)
Our combined ages have brought us to where we are today.
A friend once said that we must have been really evil in a previous life! Inferring that we seemed too good to be true in the here and now. Yeah right! On researching previous lives we could perhaps see what he meant, but then we were also able to see that we took every opportunity to make the best of whatever came our way in every life so far. Bearing in mind that there is no good or bad, only difference.

It is true that on reflection we can only say that through all our troubles in this existence there have been times when we wonder, what was the force that saw us through the almost insurmountable obstacles and we often have wondered where we suddenly gained the courage to get over the obstacles placed in front of us and in the distant past there were many and also horrific ones too!

Today we look back on this life knowing that, ‘the force was with us’ enabling us to call those obstacles opportunities, to use the God given talents and gifts, making the best of every opportunity.

Right from the start, with what seemed like little going for us, we found ways to counter things such as having to leave school at an early age for one, to being denied the opportunity to retake exams to gain a qualification which was my only wish at the time and then found the strength of mind to go our own way, contrary to the will of those in power, to do just that and get our qualification raising us from the shop floor to the probability of manager status, and so it proved for the other. There is nothing like book reading in the university of Life!

With little formal education yet to having the gumption together with a highly retentive mind to self teach by reading, reading and still reading and learning to this day for the one. The other blest with the gift of DIY coupled with an artistic temperament and a love of nature flowing over into growing things, and having been trained as an apprentice with the ability to pick up a talent by just watching someone else at work condemned as a poor student and likely to fail, and yet gaining seven out of eight passes in exams.

The other with the gift of finding the best deal and organising affairs within our means to the best possible outcome, would definitely made a good lawyer, we are definitely a team. It has been mooted by those in the know that together we make one great person or should that be a formidable force? But perhaps it is best left to other judges whom we do of course leave to their own devices, having been judges before and not wanting to go there this time round.

In the assessment of those previous incarnations we can see why certain things happen as they do in this life, which brings an element of credibility and reasoning to the whys and wherefores of the nuances and subtleties of the consciousness right now.

In all of these deliberations it brings the most fundamental understanding of why we are here and the feeling of the most intense gratitude for all of the gifts, talents and understandings which we have been fortunate to find along the convoluted corridors of consciousness, sharing as we do those recognitions, with each other and with others too!

There is no doubt that we are much blessed and say so at least three times a day when blessing our food and drink and again thanking the Lord Logos at the conclusion of the meal and end of day.

There was a time when I for one was overawed by the prospect of the supreme gift of healing coming my way and eventually I gave in, whereupon a lady of the faith said to me thank goodness you have overcome your humility, but in the same breath accused me of being selfish! I found out later that I had been a surgeon in the Temple Beautiful in Ancient Egypt, so that was one energy I could attribute to that moment in time.

If being called selfish happens to you remember this:
If you’re not selfish enough to want to feel good, then you can’t connect with the energy that is your Source, the Lord Logos, which does always feel good!

In this respect also understand that there is only a source of Well-being and if you tune in to this vibration as often as you can in a day and especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night you will begin to feel that energy within you. This is not mysterious, it is a fact!

Whatever your circumstance do remember that you are the most important person in your circle of friends, no matter how large or small that circle becomes and if you want to understand more about why there are certain energies currently in your consciousness and everyday existence, you know where we are.

One final thought no matter your age, it helps enormously to write a list of things you are grateful for. You will see like us that the list, with consequent settings would be worthy of a post, but like us it expands to the content of a short story or even a book at our age!

Still counting and as the story grows it becomes gratitude for this life and all that entails including relationships, family and friends we are much blessed and by we I mean all of us for we are one within the blessing of the Grace of the Logos, no matter who we are , where we are, what age we are, what colour, or what faith, we are all children of the Logos and hence all one family.

So, let’s respect all of our sisters and brothers, welcome them into our country, our village and our home. In short let us love each other.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. May the force always remain with both of you too David.. And so interesting when we remember our past lives.. 🙂 I was told this would be my last here on Earth.. 🙂 I hope if I move on, I at least in this life left some good memories..
    And I am so very grateful for the memories I have of this one..

    Love and Blessings to you David


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