Having just had our wills updated to supersede those from Spain, essentially to save the family any misadventure, arguments or misunderstandings,
in the province of Valencia/Alicante we could only leave our estate to Parents or Children, so it was essential to cement our relationship and to get everything in writing.

Here we have also added Funeral Plans and Lasting Powers of Attorney through our new Solicitor in the UK and the Office of the Public Guardian.
This takes care of the expense of dying and removes any misunderstanding by electing trusted Executors and Attorneys to act on our behalf in any event.

We recommend these actions to all, especially to those who, like some of our family would not face up to the possibility of us dying at some unknown time in the distant or indeed, possibly immediate future!

It depends where you live, who would contest your having no will at all and the possibility of solicitors or the state taking most if not all of your worldly wealth plus the cost to family of your funeral which by that time in the distant future God willing, would no doubt be exorbitant!

With these current considerations this came into the consciousness:

It’s true that death comes to us all, we have no idea when.
So, put your house in order, both inside, and outside again.
When all that is said and done and you feel that you are at One,
Live your life like no other, making sure that you have some fun!
It is your quest to find happiness before everything else,
With every last concern put to bed, of its volition quells
The natural qualms and horrors of all the little grey cells.
When considering the advice of masters and college dons
Take no notice of other’s agendas and their occult cons.
Remember you are the master of all yours that you survey,
With all in order, happiness is the gift you can convey.
Don’t expect to give help or joy unless you are happy first
Only then can you ever hope to quench another’s thirst,
Their thirst for happiness which they imagine is from outside,
But in truth lies within at the level you can show abides.
Abides in the mind, consciousness the same as spirit leader
Not to be confused with soul, leads you to the happy reader.
This is Will, so go with your first thought, do not apply logic!
Not the advice of this well read and practicing mystic,
But common sense, since logic applied is not the way forward
It involves the other self and not your spiritual steward.
First thought is your intuition in touch with your Higher Self
Don’t allow yourself to be confined to a seat on the shelf.
Make it your Will, first to believe in the consciousness of you
All you need is within that Will, within the fundamental you!
© David Tenneson – 2017


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2 Responses to WILL

  1. Very Wise.. Our wills have been made some 10 years ago.. Nothing much has changed and our children are both in agreement.. So many people put this task off.. And I have witnessed more family feuds when one has not been made..
    So enjoyed your poem too David..
    Have a beautiful Week


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