After years wasted in the wilderness! Wasted? A year on to the day!
The pests of insects, flying beasts with stings and bites to cause irritation, affliction and disease, from the golden sand and dust of desert-like-terrain albeit along alleyways and corridors of consciousness giving space and its child time for contemplation, to appreciate the value of the sound of silence?
Then came the call to give up the warmth of wilderness! Wasted?

Voices voiced from near and far across the Globe, across the Milky Way to the Stars, to the Heavens and then from the Heavens we heard the calls like shafts of light into a darkened room.

The room of mind, in limbo for far too long, the way illuminated now, showing like glistening crystals along the path to purpose, to perdition – losing oneself in the vibration of knowing for the first time. Knowing at last which way to go instead of hanging on to a half remembered dream which never came to manifest, except for ourselves and not as foreseen for those we planned for!

How did it feel to find our way through the wilderness. Wasted?
To this bright day when all we had spent in vision, time and where-with-all had come to nought, when all we had felt was disappointment, but now the daily surge on waking after that self-imposed limbo, you can perhaps imagine is no longer disappointment, but to see ahead that newly found direction to follow, when you just know it is the right way to go. Well, it was and is glorious!
At least for the moment. Watch this space!

However, we soon heard, ‘not so fast, your labours have left their mark and scars will need to be attended to and healed before the arduous path ahead is safe for you to follow. Whoever said that life was easy hasn’t lived in the truest sense. In the Moment!

And so, a new limbo is engineered out of the frailty of these aged human frames which needs must be attended to and made whole again. So said the sage, our guide and mentor. When we were quite naturally so afeard of losing what little time we had left.

But on reflection to incur those scars, this journey has taken us individually to many countries, some to visit, some to stay a while and some where we imagined we would stay until our dying days, but no, that was not in the master plan overriding all of our petty plans and so setting in place to the light of day this new to us, but for so long occult, hidden or mystical direction.

And therefore, moving to, and back to this fair isle where once we enjoyed a circle of friends, all has changed, all have moved on in one way or another and with no young children, pets or family close by, new friends are slow to come forward despite continued efforts to meet and greet, always with courtesy, kindness and attention, all whom we might wish to see as new friends, but for the time being must remain just as acquaintances.

In the meantime becoming accustomed to the lie of the land. My Goodness! How things have changed in thirty years! Local customs, beliefs and ways of living, so much, when one begins to dig comes up as simple superstition, especially when anticipating finding those of like mind who may be legion, but certainly not local, at least to begin with. We shall see!

In each phase of limbo the lesson has arisen in the now familiar form of patience. It beggars the question, ‘will we ever learn?’ I think we do, but you cannot blame our reluctance in view of our feelings of responsibility to help others, seemingly thwarted at every turn!

It will come as no surprise that due to the healing of our scars made necessary, there will be a delay in the projected bright pathway leading to our foreseen mission, and we are plunged into this other limbo to live again the lesson of patience as we generate the connections to those of like mind, filling our limbo with those searches, connections and cementing accords of consciousness.

It cannot be denied that our overriding passion to exercise our compassion in helping others is the spur to impatience and that recurring question, ‘Was all we have done a waste of time and effort?’ ‘Wasted?’ Surely not!

Exactly! Comes the mild reprove, nothing is ever wasted since the purpose, not ours in waking consciousness, but the looked for experience for the one who gifted us with consciousness in the beginning and returns in form after form as its eternal self within. Only mild, you understand?

It is therefore with the utmost gratitude that we approach the coming of the lull, the wait, or the last limbo before the projected beginning.
Wasted wait? Lost time or last limbo? Wasted? Never …

All is in the experience in all its forms through the twists and turns, turmoils and topsy-turvy nature of a human life, giving just the right playground for a wandering soul through the mysteries of the Universe, which however it occurs can only lead to happiness for the One. Well that’s how we have experienced it so far and how we see it unfolding ahead for us.

Now, it can be said that the same is for you, in fact for us all in the species of mankind imbued with the mystery of consciousness. How different and yet how similar we are to other species on this spaceship Earth. So wherever you are and however your life is unfolding, stagnating or surging ahead nothing is ever wasted whether you are surging away to pastures new or like us returning to old fields or stamping grounds, but for a brief moment in the history of time waiting for the curtains to rise on a new production!

Remember that everything is for a purpose which may be hidden and remain mysterious, but be assured that the playwright knows the score and will reveal the plot when all is in place for you to play your part in the next act of your own production when you become the player manager.

It is the spirit of the play that pulls the strings to make the curtains rise, firstly the fire break, which takes many forms, when all is safe and in place for you to play your part and then for the waiting audience to watch with awe your performance with others of like, but also of contrary mind! Which is the nature of our difference, from which comes the polarity of potential, is that not so?
It is the driver of the Universe.

Then, be at Peace in your search for Happiness and be aware that going forward is good and returning also if that takes you to a new experience, since the Universe knows in advance and will follow your every move.
With Loving Anticipation, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Yes I expect you noticed a Huge difference upon your returning after all this time… May each day here after be a great adventure of further exploration..


  2. Inspiring post David… knowing our whole journey is just perfect, allows us to relax into the now moment and enjoy, observe our clear path that we seem to recognize more as our heart opens to feel our passion and embrace everything we are/have been and journeying to. Much love, barbara x


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