There is no doubt in my mind that we are the keepers!
Perhaps in a past life we acted as Jailers keeping others incarcerated in deep dungeons in the bowls of a foul smelling and rat infested castle keep?

In this life though I guess we, unlike the youth of today who seem in general to have the minimalist sort of mentality in line with the throw away society into which they were born, are keepers, hoarders and collectors. Not to extremes I hasten to add, but sufficient to have clearouts every so often to relieve the build up of clutter in cupboards and drawers. Otherwise OCD tidy!

Although we do have some empty drawers, but then perhaps we have too many drawers?

Clutter! Now there’s a word that hides a multitude of unseen, but often felt mysterious energies that are to say the least not conducive to a happy existence.
It is a fact that true happiness begins within when, we believe, you reach a certain level of consciousness.

However despite the fact that happiness cannot be found outside of yourself there are certain things which you can do to change your environment to promote the positive energies that surround you and prevent the build up of the negative vibrations which come from the accumulation of clutter and naturally enhance your chance to preserve the right environment to keep you happy.

There are many aspects to this phenomenon: the first is on the inside of your living space whether it be a one room flat, a three bed semi or a mansion, just don’t allow the build up of unused and/or unwanted items. This applies to toys, clothes, shoes, dirty dishes etc,. in short practice good housing.

Similarly in the garden: now that all the leaves are down and contained in corners, with the help of mother earth blowing them with the various winds, you need to gather and dispose of them preferably on the compost heap or if you must on the bonfire or garden waste at your local council tip.

Why do we recommend that you practice these tasks?
Well, the accumulation of all sorts of rubbish encourages the build up of stuff we are used to like dust, dirt, spiders webs and the like, but also of those unwanted negative energies which have a habit of causing you to dissolve into depressive states of mind for which you can find no obvious reason.

This happens as a result of contrary actions or in this case inaction which is the opposite of the modus operandi of the Universe itself, which is of course movement! If you leave all of these energies to accumulate you create a local atmosphere of stasis and you really cannot expect anything else. Eh?

In short we all need to observe and keep to the ancient wisdom of the Living Code, which applies to all aspects of our being in this world and that includes movement of the body, movement of the living space of the home, the playing space of the outdoors, movement of the energies that surround us not allowing stuff to stagnate and most of all to keep the mind moving with as many exercises and interests as possible.

We, being mankind, are on the cusp of a new era which has nothing to do with years or centuries, but more to do with the aspiration of the race of mankind, which when you consider that there has never been a time when man was not, you will perhaps begin to understand the importance of the Living Code in terms of what some call the Ascension process, which has not just begun as some would have you believe, but has been on the cards so to speak for those nebulous centuries.

We are the keepers of this fragile planet so abused by our forebears and damaged, poisoning the earth and sky destroying the habitat of other beings who share this sacred place. Sacred? Yes because it is the medium of experience for our essential being, not found in any other part of the infinity of space.

So have we at last learnt the lesson of history?
I sincerely hope so and that mankind at last will begin to take the first steps in the right direction along the pathway to Ascension, the spiritual path to our own salvation.

We surely must begin to believe in the sanctity of space the benign nature of the Universe where there is no ‘war of the worlds’ only peaceful exchange. Which takes just a little faith in the stream of Well-being that pours down to us 24/7. But it will only take effect when we begin to believe and Keep the Faith.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to KEEP

  1. A valuable post David.. Yes we are all the Keepers of Mother Earth.. Smiled at the leaves.. My compost bin overflowing at the moment..
    May we all learn that Happiness is not external to ourselves.. But we can do much to live in harmony with each other.. Wishing you much Happiness David.. Happy New Year..
    Sue 🙂


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