On this eve, before a brand new year dawns
is there something within, you need to change?
What is it that denies you happiness?
Could it be your unwillingness to change?
Not to see that you are indeed worthy?
This night is by tradition a good time
for a mind change, a promise made to you,
a resolution that there will be change!
Change for the better, for a better you,
a time to become aware of your own need!
Change, but concentrate on you for a change
It is your happiness that is at stake.
Never mind the rest, make yourself happy.
Only when happy can you help others.
Passing on the message from all there is:
Angel – ‘As you desire so will it be given’
As your own Angel wants your happiness,
resolve therefore: happiness first for you,
everything else you desire will follow!
© David Tenneson – 2016


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to ANGEL

  1. Thank you David.. Yes.. Only when Happy can we help others..
    I hope that Duvet is cosy as you prepare to welcome in the New Year my friend..
    Sending Love and Blessings and a Big thank you for your friendship throughout Time my friend.
    Hugs Sue ❤


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