(Remembering Christmas Morning with family)
The blinds are drawn on Christmas Morn
In the houses where young babes were born.
All is quiet and the streets are clear
Where once the traffic would roar and veer

Did they listen to the Christmas Tale
Amidst the roaring wind and hail,
Or sleeping off their celebration
Like most of us in this island nation?

At last as dawn breaks on the horizon
The children wake and begin their rising
Screams of delight break the silence
Raising parents from their somnambulance.

Sleepy eyed adults stagger to the tree
Briefly greeting the Crib on bended knee.
Then the process of opening presents starts
As children pass parcels, warming their hearts.

After brief breakfast of sumptuous fare
And a morning of playing like kids without care
The girls in the kitchen are preparing the meal
Then we all sit together in the love that we feel.

This repast is a repeat of many in the past
When coming together is the love that will last
Just sitting and sharing a simple family meal,
Is all that’s required to make family real!

© David Tenneson – 2016


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to XMAS MORN

  1. taikunping says:

    I will David, guess it’s one of those “1” No years where focus is primary – 2017 here we go !


  2. taikunping says:

    “Just sitting and sharing a simple family meal,
    Is all that’s required to make family real!”….for sure, my feelings too David

    it was great to have my son staying over Christmas and New Year…for now a time to catch up and a time for contemplation, a time for revelation and excitement of what comes next

    god bless


    • David says:

      Yes indeed Tai, we went to one of my daughters for Christmas, nothing like it, fabulous! I feel this year will be momentous in more ways than one … so fasten your safety belt. Love, David

      Liked by 1 person

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