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You will find the Benefits of HPT expressed in many ways in essays on Meditation.
Let’s look at the Value of Healing.
How can HPT help you in your own Well-being and the Well-being of others?
As humans we are taught, in this day and age, from an early age, to notice symptoms and report them so as to consult a doctor as early as possible in order that treatment can be administered.

We are not saying you should not do this but read on and understand how to approach your own and others symptoms.

It is a common misunderstanding about the workings of the body to concentrate solely on the simple aches and discomforts and imagining the worst, which are there for the purpose of giving us the signal to change to a better way and a better view of ourselves or to seek help.

Quantum physics is beginning to bridge the gap between the Newtonian view and the un-seen and un-measureable view of the Mystic and the Healer. As potential Healers we should be well prepared for what I am about to say, but sadly most of us still notice our symptoms, as we say, imagining the worst and setting up a vibrational resistance to the potential of natural healing to take place. It is in fact an opposite vibration to what we need.

But help is at hand: If you only spend 15 minutes a day in your HPT, in those few moments of complete relaxation when you are away from any consideration of your symptoms, you will see how to avoid concentrating on what you do not want. Under CONCENTRATION, you will begin to allow the natural vibrations of the Law of Attraction to do their work of Well-being.

In your HPT meditation the cells of your body are given the opportunity to return to their natural state of Well-being, but this process does not stop there for the consciousness, or volition of your cells communicates this welcome return to Well-being throughout the whole of your body. You will notice your new feeling of Wellness!

Of course the catch here is that the cell’s volition depends on the state of your own consciousness to which they all respond!

Also, in order to heal others you must be in a state of Well-being yourself. It is no good hoping to help others when you yourself feel like death! You can perhaps see how that contra vibration would have the opposite to the desired effect on a client expecting to be healed no matter how strong their faith?
In short you cannot give what you do not have!

You will also begin to notice the overlap between the various benefits of HPT, benefits for yourself and for others. As you become aware of these aspects of Wellness you will naturally begin to concentrate on what you do want and not on what you don’t want with consequent positive results for your own healing.
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