RETREAT in 2016
It’s been warm for this time of year, leaves hanging
on into fall,
but in mid November the rain tumbled like a
The sky is now free of feathered friends, deciding then
to leave
for warmer climes, as if the coming of a cold hearted
would tax them to the hilt, as trees shed their leaves
and flowers wilt,
energy retreating underground, sap returns to their
Storing essence in the womb of Mother Earth, ME
to me
and in that little word we find much to honour and
to learn,
much to respect, much to care for and much to love
and yearn.
Some see this time of natural retreat into darkness
as sad,
some suffer a condition yearning for the return of
light and call it SAD,
but this is natures way which we accepted in remote
knowing this condition won’t last, we’ve seen the
feathered flypast.
As they soar to their winter retreat, it’s hard for
us to beat,
we marvel, watching from the confinement of our
comfy seat.
They give a fleeting glance with synchronous beat,
a perfect dance,
defying gravity, would that we could have such
Drum beats of the rain play upon the sloped and
protecting roof,
like a herd of moorland ponies with many a steel
shod hoof.
Beating the retreat, but denying mindful
Thankful for the sun, moon and rain, such wonderful
Such stormy weather confines all but moorland folk,
strong and brave,
to the silent barracks of our cosy cots and homely
Nature makes demands and we, needs must obey in
time to keep
or risk a nightmare in bed instead of planted, peaceful
It’s the moment she commands that roses are now
put to bed
plant with great care, to fulfil our expectation in the
of glorious colour, scent, fabulous form and wicked
We await that appreciation, our plantings to
In the meantime, mean in terms of absence of the
daily light,
thankful in winter there’s also absence of the dreaded
Winter brings its own rewards with blooms
withstanding winter’s cold,
as the days begin to lengthen, popping through
the snow of old.
We retreat each night into the land of dreams and own
looking forward to the spring and boxing match of
mad March hares.
Putting to bed our own madness, delusions, mindless
Winter storms soon to abate giving way to April
looking forward to the time of spring’s splendid
In the meantime retreating into a
reliving spring and summer in our joyful
Retreat into this happy moment of the Lord’s
© David Tenneson – 2016


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to RETREAT

  1. This was truly beautiful David.. 🙂 a delight to read, and now we have the Wind to add to our winters nights.. 🙂 I have hopped out of my own Winters retreat David to wish you and yours a beautiful Christmas my friend.. I so appreciate our friendship and delight in your poetry..

    Sending you much love this Christmas and wishing you nothing but Joy and Peace throughout the coming New Year…
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤ xxx


    • David says:

      Christmas with family although stretched across the country, magic! Thank you so much for inspiring me as you do dear Sue, here’s wishing you and yours a fabulous Christmas filled with love, good cheer and healing energies and may next year bring the whole of humanity into the realm of peace. Love and Blessings to you all, David 😀 Ho, ho, ho!!

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